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Recap of the First Episode of Chris Lilley's Angry Boys — What Did You Think?

What Did You Think of the First Episode of Angry Boys?

Despite having a post-work function last night, I raced home to make sure I didn’t miss the premiere of Angry Boys on ABC1. And I wasn’t disappointed. The first episode of Chris Lilley’s latest TV venture took us back to the home of the Sims twins, Daniel and Nathan, and introduced us to their grandmother, Ruth Sims, an officer at a juvenile prison who is affectionately known as “Gran.” The episode switched back and forth between the twins and Gran, though I have to say I was much more invested in Gran’s story — highlights for me included the Friday night karaoke, “Gran’s Gotchas”, the scene with the guinea pigs (especially the line about how she once had a guinea pig in her bed and accidentally rolled onto it, resulting in its unfortunate death), and how she makes superhero-inspired pyjamas for the boys. OK, and as I’ve probably pointed out all the Gran-related scenes, I might as well add that I loved the final Skype scene between Gran and the boys — the Eskimo kiss between Gran and Nathan was pretty sweet.

My biggest gripe with the show so far is that we haven’t met any of the other characters! Though I understand that trying to share 30 minutes of airtime between six characters — especially when they’re mostly new — is no easy feat. (And to be fair, we kind of met rapper S.Mouse and surfer Blake Oakfield . . . through Daniel’s “Wall of Legend”!) What did you think? Are you loving it as much as Chris’ previous work?

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