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Recap of the Fourth Episode of The Amazing Race Australia Where Richard and Joey Are Eliminated

Richard and Joey Get Stuck in the Mud on The Amazing Race

It took a whole lot of focusing, believing and achieving for The Amazing Race Australia contestants Richard and Joey to get out of sticky situations on last night’s episode. After being the first team to reach the Macau pit stop last week thanks to a Fast Forward challenge that saw the married entrepreneurs shaving their heads, they lost their valuable lead when flight departure times meant the other teams were able to catch up to them. All the contestants headed to South Africa for the next leg of the Race, where they landed in Port Elizabeth and had to drive to Camdeboo National Park for the Detour.

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On the way to the Detour — which consisted of either Smash (throwing African tools to hit and break plates on a rope) or Bash (building a giraffe feeder) — the teams had to drive through uneven, muddy terrain, and as the couple in the lead, Richard and Joey had the first crack at it. In this case, being first worked against them, as their vehicle got stuck in the mud and none of the other contestants jumped out to help them. They also had to watch as all the other teams learned from their mistake and made it through. Moving their car proved to be too hard a task to do on their own, despite their mantra, and it wasn’t until a passing car stopped to tow them out that they were able to move on.

However their bad luck didn’t end there. At the end of the Detour was a U-Turn, where one team has the opportunity to make another team complete the Detour challenge they didn’t do. Tyler and Nathan saw it as a chance to punish Richard and Joey even more, which meant that after struggling through the giraffe feeder-building challenge, Richard and Joey had to go back to the park to smash plates.

The rest of the episode consisted of a Roadblock, where one person from each team had to bungy jump off the world’s highest bridge bungy (more than 216 metres), and a challenge where the teams had to walk a stubborn goat from one side of the village Nomathamsanqa to the witch doctor on the other side. Most teams struggled with their goats — Tyler wanted to look for the one that was most “chilledest” and Mel accidentally got her finger up the bottom of hers — but in the end it was Richard and Joey who reached the pit stop last, resulting in their elimination from the race.

I know that Richard and Joey were the team that everyone loved to hate, but I can’t help but think they left too soon. After all, most shows are more entertaining when there’s a villain, especially in the form of a super-competitive, slogan-wearing couple! Will you miss Richard and Joey’s presence on the show?

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