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Recap and Review of Lost Episode "What Kate Does"

Let's Get Lost: "What Kate Does" Recap

After the two-hour premiere packed in countless WTF moments, this week's Lost scales us back to a slower pace. As you might guess from the episode title, we're mainly following Kate this time around after she hijacked a cab—and during her escape from the temple (more on that later). Also picking up where last week left off: Sayid's miraculous resurrection, which turns out, may not be a good thing after all. I've probably already given too much away (this photo alone is too revealing!), so let's go into total spoiler territory here, and chat about the episode in full.

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  • I'm dying to talk about Sayid's pill. Dogen—the spooky head of the temple who refuses to speak in English—gives Sayid a test by strapping him to a torture device. Sayid supposedly doesn't pass, so Dogen resorts to plan B, which consists of a pill. Turns out it's poison and Dogen says a darkness is "claiming" Sayid, at which point he'll be impossible to save (read: evil). This could go one of two ways: Sayid becomes bad, or he finds a way to beat it. Where do you think it's headed? And what exactly happened in the water to prompt this?
  • Sawyer threatens the Others at gunpoint, so he can flee the temple. Kate offers to go after him to bring him back, but she's in for a rude awakening when she discovers him in his old house with an engagement ring (anyone else wondering how he tracked down a diamond ring?). Sawyer reveals that he was planning on proposing to Juliet—makes you wonder if Kate will finally end the love triangle and resign herself to Jack. Also, why do the Others say that it's imperative that Sawyer return?
  • As we saw before, Kate holds up a cab at gunpoint with Claire in the vehicle. She kicks her out, but has a change of heart upon discovering Claire's mummy things. They go together to visit the couple who's supposed to adopt Claire's unborn baby, but the woman says she can't because her husband left her. Right then Claire goes into labour and Kate drives her to the hospital. I don't know why Claire is so quick to trust an ex-con, but we get a great cameo by Ethan, as in, Dr. Ethan Goodspeed, Claire's delivery doctor! I loved the irony here, especially when Ethan says he doesn't want to stick Claire with a needle unless he has to—he certainly wasn't so polite when he was poking and prodding Claire on the island. Do you think Claire will keep Aaron, or do you have any theories on someone else ending up with him instead? Do you think this is the last we've seen of Claire and Kate's relationship on the mainland?
  • Speaking of the hospital scenes, did anyone else notice how Kate almost seems to have a moment of recognition when she hears the name Aaron? More and more, the evidence seems to point—at least for me—that they're experiencing some weird dual reality. Do you agree?
  • Back on the island, Claire's alive! But she's changed. In perhaps the biggest shocker of the episode, we spot a jungle Claire, after she shoots down two Others who are attacking Jin. What's with her new persona? Well, if Dogen is to be believed, she's infected with the same disease as Sayid, as he tells Jack, "It happened to your sister." Let's not forget, Danielle Rousseau told of a "sickness" that forced her to kill her entire team. Does the same fate await Claire and Sayid?
  • Did you miss Locke/smoke monster and Ben in this episode? I did, and I cannot wait to see what Locke does with Sawyer next week, like the promo suggests.

I'm curious to hear your thoughts about anything and everything! What do you make of the latest speedbump in the Kate-Sawyer-Jack love triangle? And what will become of Claire's return? Let's start swapping speculation in the comments.

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