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A Recap and Review of So You Think You Can Dance Australia, Series 3, Top 14

So You Think You Can Dance Rundown: Top 14 Performance

Another week, another series of impressive performances on So You Think You Can Dance. But which of the Top 14 will find themselves in this week's bottom three? Click through for our rundown of the night's hits and misses, and let us know your picks/thoughts/OMG moments in the comments!

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Dancers: Issi and Don
Genre: Ballroom—Street Latin
Thoughts: I liked the performance. I just didn't love it. The personality and chemistry really let the duo down, for me. They were cute, but just how far can that get them? Still, they're popular with the tweens, so they're safe.
Chances: Safe

Dancers: Jessica P and Heath
Genre: Contemporary
Thoughts: To state the obvious, I love watching contemporary—particularly a Paul Malek contemporary performed by Jess and Heath. It was an emotive, powerful and mesmerising piece, handled by two extremely well matched partners. I'd just like to see this pair land a genre out of left field, though. Hip Hop, maybe. Or Broadway.
Chances: Safe

Dancers: Ivy and Robbie
Genre: Ballroom—Paso Doble
Thoughts: Robbie and Ivy. Performing a Paso Doble. By Jason Gilkisin. How can it fail? Best of the night, for me.
Chances: Safe

Dancers: Carly and Kieran
Genre: Contemporary
Thoughts: Like Heath and Jess, contemporary is this pair's choice genre and their routine last night went from strength to strength. Their athleticism blows me away. The only let down: Carly needs to control those facial expressions. Stat.
Chances: Safe

Dancers: Jessie H. and Matt
Genre: Jazz
Thoughts: The more I watch these two, the more Jessie steals the show. With her energy, flair and flexibility, I feel like Matt just can't keep up. Side note: Square Division, last night's choreography left week 1's for dead.
Chances: Bottom 3.

Dancers: Renee and Phillipe
Genre: Ballroom—Waltz
Thoughts: I had high expectations after last week's show, but last night they just didn't recapture those dizzying heights. The routine felt forced; it was not nearly as effortless as a Waltz should seem. But the connection was there, strong as ever.
Chances: Bottom 3.

Dancers: Jess S. and Nick
Genre: Hip Hop
Thoughts: I'm still reeling from last week's elim, so this match up, while perfect on paper, feels a little odd. That said, it was a quirky routine, but it suffered from a tough pace and first-time performance misconnection.
Chances: Bottom 3.

But what did you make of last night's show? Were Ivy and Robbie as good as I think, or did another couple steal the limelight? Let me know in the comments below!

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