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A Recap and Review of So You Think You Can Dance Australia, Series 3, Top 18

So You Think You Can Dance Rundown: Top 18 Performance

Last night on So You Think You Can Dance we saw the top 18 dancers perform and tonight we'll see which performers aren't feeling the Aussie public's love. In the meantime, tell me who you think did well enough to remain on the show and who should find themselves in the bottom three.

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Dancers: Ivy and Gaz
Genre: Lyrical/Hip Hop
Thoughts: For me, it's all about the chemistry with these two. They work well together and last night's lyrical hip hop really allowed them to show off that connection. Nice start to the show.
Chances: Safe

Dancers: Issi and Don
Genre: Foxtrot
Thoughts: This duo will make it on the cutesy factor alone. The Fred and Ginger inspired foxtrot was sweet, safe and, to borrow Jason's words, "pretty good." But is pretty good enough for this week?
Chances: Bottom 3

Dancers: Jessica P. and Heath
Genre: Contemporary
Thoughts: "Very pretty" and "accomplished partnering," that was how judges Matt and Jason summed up this performance and I have to agree. Jess and Heath are one duo to watch—provided Jess can up the confidence and tone down the waterworks, that is.
Chances: Safe

Dancers: Jessie H. and Matt
Genre: Jazz
Thoughts: Nick and Ilona take note: this is how to combine dance with quirky characterisation. Though it must be said, the Project Moda choreography was a lot better than Square Division's efforts last week. Super sharp. Super energetic. Super entertaining. I would be surprised to see these two back in the bottom three.
Chances: Safe

Dancers: Mikhaela and Robbie
Genre: Hip Hop
Thoughts: I get that Boogaloo is a difficult genre. I get that it would be hard for professional hip hop dancers to learn, let alone newcomers. I get that they had mere days to pick up the very tricky Nacho Pop routine. But yada, yada, yada. This partnership simply does not work, regardless of the genre. With different partners, it would probably be a different ballgame. But together, there's just no spark.
Chances: Bottom 3.

Dancers: Grace and Nick
Genre: Contemporary
Thoughts: If there is one positive out of eliminations, it's that new, better suited duos are sometimes formed. Take Nick and Grace, for example. Their performance last night was soulful, sensitive and mature. And though the judges pointed out one or two technical issues, little else could be faulted.
Chances: Safe

Dancers: Carly and Kieran
Genre: Broadway
Thoughts: The fun routine perfectly played to both dancers strengths: Kieran's goofiness and Carly's never-ending legs. Doubtless, some may see the performance as a bit over-the-top (comes with the Broadway territory, I'm afraid). However, the judges' reactions make me think that even if they find themselves in the bottom three, these two will see another week.
Chances: Safe

Dancers: Renee and Phillipe
Genre: Paso Doble
Thoughts: Over-ambitious and wooden, about sums this one up for me. Like Mikhaela and Robbie, Phillipa and Renee seemed to suffer from the age-old SYTYCD problem: too technical steps, too little rehearsal. If I had to choose, I'd say Phillipe came out on top—his stilted style at least was appropriate to the dance. But Renee needs to up the smoulder and confidence if she wants to be competitive.
Chances: Bottom 3

Dancers: Jess S. and Doug
Genre: Contemporary
Thoughts: Bonny (predictably) aside, the judges seemed to agree: for all it's potential, this performance fell flat. What was meant to be light and airy, came out just a little bit clunky. Jumps were messy and steps were heavy. Though it must be said, both looked amazing; they were easily the night's best costumes.
Chances: Bottom 3.

So what was your take on the Top 18 performances? Are you over the seemingly endless tears and fears? Did Phillipe's rambling to the judges turn you off? Tell us your thoughts in comments.

Image Source: Channel Ten
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