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Sarah Lying to Joan on Australian Survivor 2017

1 Episode in and Australian Survivor is Already Fraught With Lies

The second season of Australian Survivor premiered on Sunday night, and to say the game is officially on would be an understatement. One episode in and we've already been privy to many of the contestants' strategies, mind-games and inner monologues that see them wrestle a do-I-or-don't-I mentality.

So far, most of them seem to be brewing in the Asaga tribe. We see Henry perpetuating a false yoga teacher persona — why? We're yet to find out — and the first blindside of the season with Sarah and Joan. The 22-year-old model told her straight up, that the tribe was going to vote for Kent in Tribal Council when of course, really, it was Joan they were planing on booting out. The knife was twisted further when Joan said to Sarah: "I really like you." Totes awkward, but Sarah didn't even bat an eye (and we have to hand it to her, so early on in the game).

Image Source: Network Ten
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