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Spider-Man 3 Dance Scene With Realistic Audio

This Scene From Spider-Man 3 With "Realistic" Audio Will Make You Violently Uncomfortable

In today's "This Fills Me With So Much Secondhand Embarrassment I Need to Leave the Room" news, an old, remixed clip from Spider-Man 3 is once again making the rounds on the internet.

Now, while Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy holds a very special place in my heart, I've long been of the opinion that the third film's detour into Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire) becoming a "cool" guy after coming into contact with Venom is a campy misstep. Case in point: a scene where Peter struts his stuff on the streets of New York City, pointing finger guns at the women he passes as jazzy music plays in the background.

I truly thought there was no possible way to make the scene more uncomfortable, but now I know I was wrong. Horribly, painfully wrong. Some poor, twisted soul went ahead and replaced the music in the background with "realistic" audio (think: snapping, grunts), and it's enough to make you wish Sandman would appear and put you out of your misery.

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