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Stan Walker rocks Amazing Grace on Australian Idol

Australian Idol Review: Stan Is Da Man

Last night Nathan Brake was sent packing on Australian Idol leaving Stan, Hayley and James to perform three songs each during “Power Anthem” night. Nathan will definitely have a career in theatre so let’s all take a moment and acknowledge Nathan’s journey with jazz hands. Guest judge Pete Wentz was rocking a new buzz cut and we almost didn’t recognize him but he still had his trademark guyliner. First of all Idol producers, three songs per contestants is just too much, but here’s our scorecard:

James Johnston: Our little nugget was saved from the chopping block last week and fans have obviously rallied around him. He gets stronger and stronger but we all know the final is going to be Hales and Stan unless something goes terribly wrong. And for the record Jay Dee, saying his Foo Fighters song was "more like Poo Fighters" was a cheap shot. We expect that from Dicko, not you.

Hayley Warner: We weren't loving Hayley's choice of songs. She seemed to be a little out of her depth with U2, The Verve and INXS. Dicko summed it up when he said we're used to her rocking the crap out of stuff. She could have killed it if she stuck with rock anthems, but we still think she'll make it to the final.

Stan Walker: Stan acts like he has already won Idol and we don’t mean that in a bad way. He just owns it. He gets on stage and it’s like he was born to perform. His rendition of "Amazing Grace" brought the house down and we have to admit we got a little teary. Sniff. He’s da man.


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