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Netflix Cast 2 Brand New Roles For Season 3 of Stranger Things — Here's Who's Playing Them

Although Stranger Things doesn't come back for quite a while, fortunately it seems that almost every week we are getting more info on season three. From new theories to the re-release of US Target's Stranger Things clothing line inspired by the show, Netflix is slowly but surely giving us hints on details of the upcoming season, and we'll take whatever we can get.

The latest news includes the addition of three new characters the studio is currently casting. The Hashtag Show reported in February that the new season of the hit Netflix series would be adding the roles of "Mayor Larry Kline," "Bruce," and "Patricia Brown." Now, Netflix has finally announced who will be playing two of those roles: Cary Elwes as Mayor Kleine and Jake Busey as Bruce. These three characters are likely going to be smaller guest roles, and it's safe to say we can assume that Patricia isn't going to have some crazy powers like Eleven. Then again, with Stranger Things, you can never truly know for sure.

As we wait to find out who will take on the role of Patricia, check out the descriptions for each character ahead.

  • Mayor Larry Kline: This character is said to be a pathetic and slick male politician between the ages of 40 to 60 who only looks out for himself. Kline is also described as a traditional '80s-style legislator.
  • Bruce: Bruce is described as a "morally compromised" news reporter in his 50s. He is characterised as extremely sexist, overweight, and dishevelled.
  • Patricia Brown: Patricia is said to be a kind, elderly woman in her 70s. The studio says we will see her spending a lot of time giving advice to the neighbourhood kids and tending to her garden. We truly hope some of these neighbourhood kids might be some of our favourite Hawkins residents.
Image Source: Netflix
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