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Sunrise's David "Kochie" Koch Apologises for Offensive Twitter Comment About New Zealand Earthquake

Sunrise's David Koch Sorry For Bad Taste Earthquake Tweet

David “Kochie” Koch may be up in the wee hours of the morning to start work on Channel Seven’s Sunrise, but according to Twitter users it’s still no excuse for a tweet he posted that was insensitive to the tragic earthquake situation in New Zealand. His offending tweet has since been removed but it read:

Up since 3.20am yesterday... time to sleep like the dead

He followed it up with an apologetic tweet, saying: “Sorry everyone, bad choice of words. Not thinking straight from lack of sleep. Honest mistake.” Channel Seven then went into damage control and a rep explained, “Kochie is sincerely sorry and deleted the message as soon as he realised what he had said. He had been working for more than 36 hours straight and made a mistake. He is deeply sorry for any offence he may have caused.”

Kochie is actually in Christchurch covering the event so whatever he did or didn’t intend by his tweet isn’t working in his favour. And it’s definitely not the first time a celebrity or public figure has accidentally tweeted something that has come across the wrong way. Kochie acknowledged and apologised for his mistake, but do you think tiredness is still no excuse for what he did?

You can donate to the Red Cross New Zealand Earthquake 2011 Appeal here.

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