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Sunrise Newsreader Natalie Barr Accidentally Says "Virgin" Instead of "Version" During Life-Size Barbie Story

Oops! Sunrise's Natalie Barr Gets Her Words Mixed Up on TV

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When you start work at 6 a.m. every morning and are expected to present the day’s news to a nation of viewers while looking fresh and alert, it’s a miracle if you make it through the show without any mishaps! Sunrise newsreader Natalie Barr was delivering her half-hourly news bulletin this morning and was introducing a story about an American student who had recreated a life-size Barbie. It went something like this: “A college student in the United States has made a life-size virgin — version . . .” before trailing off into a fit of giggles. Her colleagues Melissa Doyle, David Koch and Simon Reeve also couldn’t contain their laughter, and after a moment Natalie had composed herself and excused her Freudian slip. An entertaining twist to the news at 7:32 in the morning! (Also entertaining: what the life-size Barbie looks like!)

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