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The Super Switch Ben Lyall

Here's Where You've Seen The Super Switch's Ben Lyall Before

The Super Switch Ben Lyall
Image Source: Channel Seven

The Super Switch may have only just started airing, but it has already introduced us to a whole cast of larger-than-life characters. While there is plenty of competition, it's safe to say an early fan favourite is Ben Lyall, the loveable larrikin who could perhaps take his relationship a little more seriously. Ben stands out not only for his wise-cracking and endearingly awkward antics, but also due to the little fact that The Super Switch is not his first foray into TV dating shows.

Yep, die-hard reality TV devotees may remember Ben from when he first graced our screens back in 2016 as one of the men vying for Georgia Love's heart on The Bachelorette. Although Ben's turn on the show was brief, only lasting two episodes, he was certainly a scene-stealer for the short amount of time he had. Highlights of his tenor on the show include him intentionally tripping over when walking to meet Georgia so he could open with the line "I'm falling for you already," declaring himself to be a "five and a half out of ten on a good day," and choosing to divulge that he had done "three nervous poos" in the lead up to entering the Bachie mansion. Well, if those moments alone are anything to go by, we are certainly in for an interesting ride as he buckles up for reality TV round two on The Super Switch.

Fast forward three years and Ben has been in a year-long relationship with girlfriend Christie, with whom he is appearing on the show. We may only be one episode in so far but Ben has already shown a more serious side of himself than we saw on The Bachelorette, opening up about the issues he and Christie face as a couple. While Ben's life of the party ways have begun to grate on Christie over time, Ben also holds concerns about Christie's stubbornness and propensity for conflict. Regardless of what may happen for the couple throughout the course of the season, it seems almost guaranteed that Ben will keep as entertained, whether things are going well or badly, every step of the way.

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