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The Super Switch Episode One Recap

After Watching Episode One of The Super Switch We Can Confirm, We Are Totally Addicted

It's the first episode of the newly revamped The Super Switch and it's time to test the strength of the participants' relationships . . . by pairing them off with a random stranger, naturally. The theory is by allowing them to see whether the grass is indeed greener on the other side, the original couples will gain the clarity they need to make the decision to either ditch or commit to their current partner. If everything that has already gone down on Aussie reality TV dating land so far this year is anything to go by, partner swapping will be a walk in the park, right?

The first couple we meet are Ben and Christie. Ben is no stranger to our TV screens, thanks to his memorable turn on The Bachelorette in which he discussed his 'nervous poos' upon meeting Georgia Love. Having seemingly gotten his bowel movements under control, Ben has now been dating Christie for a year. While Christie loves Ben's sense of humour, she wants him to start taking their relationship more seriously. Instead of focusing on entertaining everyone else with his larrikin persona, she wants him to pay more attention to her. Sounds reasonable! However, Ben says Christie is stubborn and can say hurtful things in the heat of the moment, including that they wouldn't still be together if not for the TV show. Okay, maybe a little less reasonable.

Next up are Justin and Neesha, whose seven-year age gap is causing a a rift in their relationship. While 29-year-old Justin is keen for the traditional white picket fence life, 22-year-old Neesha would rather focus on her career. Seemingly contrastingly, Justin also feels like Neesha doesn't give him enough space, calling her "very needy." He says he feels "smothered" by her, which ironically is a comment that may lead Neesha to leave him alone for a hot second after all.

Next we meet Kendrick and Romena, who say they were brought together by their love of dance . . . which hey, sure beats tinder. It seems there's a fine line between passionate fireworks and fiery tension with these two, who claim to still have an "amazing, if anything better" sex life when angry at each other. To make things even more complicated, they also run a latin dance studio together. If they can't communicate with each other effectively, they'll be risking not only their relationship, but their business. Sounds like the plot of my new favourite Netflix rom-com, to be honest.

The first three couples then explain to their families and friends that they will be joining the 'experiment' (hmm, I think I've heard that term somewhere on TV before), which generally goes down like a lead ballon. Christie's friends raise concerns that Ben may cheat with his experimental partner, which is valid considering the show will directly provide him the chance to cheat with his experimental partner. Also, he did cheat on a previous girlfriend as well.

Moving right along, the three couples congregate in one of those typically fancy reality TV mansions, and Ben almost immediately laments about not being able to . . . pleasure himself while he's sharing a bed with his experimental partner. Luckily, before Neesha can do a runner out of fear of being paired with Ben, the show's resident experts, psychotherapist Guy Vicars, and psychologist Jacqui Manning arrive. They explain that while the guys will be living in this mansion, the girls will be leaving for a separate mansion where they will meet their new partners. Jacqui explains that having the experimental partners live together in groups can be "intimidating, confronting and often times explosive" . . . I'll bet! So, without further ado, it's time to meet the three remaining couples.

The next couple is Lachlan and Miranda, who are a solid enough pair that when Lachlan got the opportunity to move from country Victoria to Port Douglas, Miranda came with him. However, their problems are made immediately clear when Lachlan says he wants be married within two years . . . and Miranda replies by saying she'd be willing to "get engaged" in "a few years." Now, I'm not the best at maths, but it seems to me like those two timelines do not add up. Compounding their already existing issues over the future, it is quickly revealed that Lachlan is also very easily aggravated by Miranda merely talking to a member of the opposite sex. Uh oh. "I'm really struggling to see marriage and kids and a house if he can't change," says Miranda, while Lachlan says he's "doing it because of how much he loves [her]," which may or may not be a red flag . . . we shall have to wait to find out!

Next up are Marcus and Aimee. While Aimee may only be 28, she says having two kids from a previous relationship has "aged her a lot," and that although she is younger than Marcus, she feels more mature than him. In fact, she goes as far as likening being with Marcus to having a third child . . . which doesn't sound ideal in a romantic relationship. To top it all off, Marcus also admits to having sent "inappropriate messages" to a woman while still with Aimee, which was uncovered when said woman sent the screenshots to Aimee. Yikes!

Lastly we meet Tyler and Olga, an engaged couple who have settled in Australia from Canada. Olga seems to share the same issue as Lachlan, in that she says she would "punch [a girl] in the face" if they tried to make a move on Tyler. Well, let's just say I'm already afraid for what might happen if Olga and Lachlan are paired together. Tyler doesn't understand why Olga doesn't trust him, although he acknowledges his workaholic nature leaves her striving for his attention, which in turn makes her jealous when other people get it. Olga reveals she feels like Tyler doesn't love her anymore, and he says if things don't change then she will be moving back to Canada. Talk about high stakes!

Before too long, it is time for the last three couples to join the first three at the mansions, and finally find out who they have been paired up with. But, of course, just as we're getting to the juicy part, we get hit with a good ol' fashioned cliffhanger. We will have to wait until the next episode to find out who's been paired with who. Well, consider me hooked already!

Image Source: Channel Seven
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