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The Super Switch Episode Three Recap

Someone Walked Out on Tonight's Episode of The Super Switch and It was Ridiculously Dramatic

It's episode three of The Super Switch and we pick up right where the last episode left off with the dinner party's great bed-sharing debate of '19. For those who need a refresher, newly-switched couple Christie and Tyler think it is okay for them to share a bed with each other, while a second newly-switched couple, Lachlan and Neesha, do not. Well, at least that is what I have deduced from all the yelling and crying going on, but hey, I'm no detective!

When Tyler puts forward his view that it would be stupid not to sleep in the bed since that is what it is there for, Lachlan contends that no, a bed is not in fact for sleeping, a bed is for "shaggin'." Despite this, ah . . . compelling argument, Tyler doubles down and insists he trusts himself not to let anything happen with Christie while in bed with her.

Next thing we know, Neesha is crying. "I don't know why you're upset Neesha, to be honest with you, we're the ones getting attacked here," says Christie, but Neesha insists Christie is attacking her by asking why she is crying when she isn't the one who has been attacked . . . confused yet? The situation then escalates to Christie accusing Lachlan of attacking them, to Lachlan accusing Christie of attacking them, and I am beginning to wonder if they are going for the world record for the most amount of times the word 'attack' has been uttered within a five minute period. The whole thing is especially redundant since Christie and Tyler have a pillow wall between them in bed anyway, one that is so sophisticated that Tyler insists "Trump would hire me to build his wall if he saw that."

Moving right along, finally the seemingly never-ending argument peters out, and we're onto the rest of the episode. It's a new day and Neesha and Lachlan have moved on from last night . . . and by moved on, I mean are still "talking smack" about Christie and Tyler. Phewf, does it not get exhausting? As she watches them over the balcony like something out of a Spanish telenovela, Christie insists the irony is that their complaining about other couples sharing a bed has led to them uniting and spending so much time together that they're the ones whose real partners should be worried. It certainly helps her case that in a delightful piece of editing, we then cut to Neesha attempting to shove an entire cucumber in Lachlan's mouth . . . in the name of health of course.

Later on, relationship expert Guy arrives for the first group therapy session of the experiment. The session involves the switched-couples watching footage of themselves with their real partners, which will be the first time the switched couples see who their experimental partner's real partner is. Each participant basically gets to watch a five minute compilation of every mean thing they have said to their partner since they started filming, which must be well, anxiety-inducing at the very least.

We see footage of Aimee telling her partner Marcus to leave because he won't talk to her, although she admits after watching that she didn't actually want them to go. Seems reductive, sure, but Ben appears to take this as definitive proof that women everywhere all send mixed signals, and that it must be "the vagina talking. . . " or you know, it could just be Aimee herself, too.

Next we review footage of Lachlan repeatedly becoming agitated by other guys interacting with Miranda. "Miranda is seeing Lachlan's behaviour as loving, which I think it is, but it's also really restrictive and it's not very healthy," says Guy. Say it louder for the people in the back! "I know we both fully trust each other," says Miranda, which would be more believable if we hadn't just seen an entire montage dedicated to Lachlan not trusting her. "If a guy's just coming up to you and having a chat, I would trust you enough to be able to handle the situation. For me it's jealousy and insecurity," says Kendrick. Mic drop!

On to the other house of couples, who are reviewing the footage with expert Jacqui. This time we see Lachlan watching the same footage of himself and Miranda, and switched-partner Neesha finally seems to have made the connection that Lachlan's behaviour in a relationship is actually usually more controlling than caring, which puts #BedSharingGate in a whole new light. "I'd be really pissed off, I'd probably walk away," she says if she were Miranda. Neesha isn't the only one unimpressed by their switch partner's antics, with Christie saying she'd have "punched [Tyler] in the face," if he had spoken to her how he does Olga. Well, you can't accuse her of mincing her words.

Next into the firing line is Marcus, who seems to be looking for sympathy from the group after we see Aimee complaining about his immaturity and tendency to turn everything into a joke. Instead he gets his switch-partner Romina telling him she completely understands Aimee's point of view, as his behaviour is indeed "really annoying. . ." and she's only known him for two days! The other members of the group join in to vent their frustrations with Marcus' seeming unwillingness to take things seriously, and the whole thing turns into a good old fashioned roasting.

Before too long, Marcus does what he apparently does best and leaves the group. How's that for serious, huh? "Those points where I'm pretty much over it, I just zip my suitcase, grab my bag and go home," he says, and I can't help but wonder how exactly dramatic walk outs became a part of his regular routine? "When people all start coming at you, it's kind of fight or flight," he explains, which does sounds reasonable enough . . . until two seconds later when he says he's going to call the cops for being held against his will when the other participants try to convince him not to go.

Despite protests from the group that he is being 'just a little bit ridiculous," Marcus storms into the night, suitcase in hand and appearing to be talking to the cops (or at the very least, a producer). We're left wondering if he will be convinced to come back, or actually hop on a plane and skedaddle like he has threatened. Time will tell! And by time I mean, the next episode. Until then.

Image Source: Channel Seven
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