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The Sydney Daily Telegraph calls former MTV Presenter Lyndsey Rodrigues a lush

Daily Tele Calls Lyndsey Rodrigues a “Lush.” Discuss.

Lyndsey Rodrigues is making headlines today. What did the former MTV presenter do to warrant such attention, you might ask? She had some champers and ate a curry at the races on Saturday. Sydney Confidential is calling her a “lush” and claims she was teetering in high heels and had to be supported by her “plus one.” Lyndsey’s manager came to her defence and said she was nursing a broken toe following a recent trip to Morocco. A very unflattering photo accompanied the story, which Lyndsey herself replied to on the Daily Tele website saying, “How is me eating Indian food a story?! I challenge anyone to wear sky high heels with a broken toe and not need help walking.” Some punters have defended her, while others have slammed her for looking drunk and wearing high heeled shoes when her toe was broken. What do you think—is Lyndsey being unfairly criticised or should she be on her best behaviour when she’s out and about? Is the newspaper out of line?

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