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Tina Fey and Steve Carell's Hilarious 2011 Golden Globes Presentation For Best Screenplay

Tina Fey and Steve Carell Bring the Funny to the Globes

It’s no secret that awards shows have a tendency to drag. And it can be hard to stay interested if you’re not sure who or what the nominees are. Then you’ve got the speeches that go on that extra six minutes too long (no matter how rude it seems, sometimes we appreciate the “time-to-wrap-it-up” music). What helps lift such a long, formal show is an injection of humour from the pros. Yes, most of Hollywood has probably crossed Ricky Gervais off their Christmas card list after his opening, though there’s no denying the laughs we got from it. Another set of funny people? Tina Fey and Steve Carell. The Date Night co-stars and sitcom leads (of 30 Rock and The Office respectively) presented the Golden Globe for best screenplay, and their banter with each other as well as their funny, playful introduction of the nominees was a much-welcomed sight. Watch their presentation in the video, and if you’re unsure of the nominees from their descriptions I’ll tell you after the jump. (Extra laughs: Steve’s reaction to Ricky’s introduction.)

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Keep reading to find out the nominees matched with their description.

127 Hours: Tina: “Like the one about the mountain climber.” Steve: “I would’ve given my right arm to have written that.”

The Kids Are All Right: Steve: “There’s a story of a couple of lesbians.” Tina: “Lesbian couple.”

Inception: Tina: “There’s a long, complicated sci-fi thriller starring Leonardo DiCaprio, not unlike my dreams.” Steve: “Mine as well.”

The King’s Speech: Steve: “There’s also the story of Britain’s King George V I.” Tina: “The sixth.”

The Social Network: Tina: “And finally, the true-life story of social networking and how it ruined our ability to interact one-on-one.” Steve: “I heard about that movie on Facebook from a friend I’ve never met.”

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