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The Vampire Diaries Cast Reveals Season 2 Secrets at Comic-Con

Vampire Diaries Cast Dishes About Season 2 at Comic-Con

Kevin Williamson and the cast of The Vampire Diaries satisfied my appetite for spoilers—but thankfully, didn't give too much away—at their rowdy (and a little raunchy) Comic-Con panel. Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley received equally loud hoots and hollers from the crowd and Nina Dobrev admits that she can't pick a favourite between the two boys either. Not that she has to—Wesley had "Team Elena" written on his hand for the panel and Somerhalder had "Team Katherine"! Michael Trevino (Tyler), Matt Davis (Alaric) and Steven R. McQueen (Jeremy) also joined in on the conversation, so keep reading for season two secrets!

  • The panel began with a long clip summarising season one, which of course, ended with a look at Katherine driving a knife straight through Uncle John. So what kind of havoc might she cause? Well, Williamson revealed a few things. For one, we're going to be seeing more Katherine flashbacks, so we'll get a little history on why she's the way she is. Also, they debuted footage from season two, which reveals that Katherine didn't come back to Mystic Falls for Damon — she came for Stefan. She admits to Damon in the clip, "The truth is, I never loved you." Dun, dun, dun! Williamson said that Stefan and Katherine will come face to face in the first episode of the new season and fellow writer/executive producer Julie Plec hinted that we may see not a love triangle anymore, but "a love square." Sounds like Dobrev has her work cut out for her!
  • Jeremy is back! McQueen's presence proved that the character isn't completely gone from next season, but the question is, will he be alive (and human) or undead? Williamson is keeping quiet saying, "Jeremy is going to wake up alive or he’s going to wake up dead, but he will wake up." Personally, I'm glad to see his character sticking around, even if his new circumstances are unclear.

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  • Caroline's life was also iffy in the season finale and her outcome seemed even more unsure since Candice Accola was no where to be seen at the panel. Plec wasn't exactly clamouring to clarify where Caroline is headed either, saying, "Caroline's life is hanging in the balance; it will either be very sad very dramatic or she'll live to tell the tale."
  • Now that Mayor Lockwood is dead, the panel announced that Mrs. Lockwood will be stepping in for his duties during the interim. Williamson revealed that Lockwood's son Tyler will learn what the curse is about and will come to understand who and what he is. "There will be a transformation," he said, but star Trevino admitted that he's "scared to death" about it, because he wants it to look good, not cheesy.
  • As for the Salvatore brothers' inner struggles, we'll be seeing more of it in season two. "Damon is wrestling with the good side of him and Stefan will have to come to terms with being a vampire and excepting it," Williamson said. But it's something Somerhalder himself isn't all that happy about. He chimed in, "The nice Damon freaks me out! I don’t know how to do it well. My favourite scenes are the fun, nutty Damon." Agreed, Ian, agreed.
  • Things started to heat up when talk turned from plot to sex...and abs. "Julie and I sit around thinking who's going to be taking off their clothes next?" Williamson joked. Somerhalder replied, "I take off my clothes all the time!" Davis added that he'd like to see Alaric and Jenna have "filthy dirty sex" in season two. But when the cast was asked about who had the best abs, the votes seemed to be unanimous: Paul Wesley. Somerhalder joked, "I'm too lazy. I like food way too much."
  • There were so many deaths in last season's finale and it sounds like there are more to come. "People are going to die," said Williamson. But he assured us, "We don't kill people just to kill people. It has to fit in the story and make sense."
  • As for the cast's own wishes for their characters in season two, they did have a few requests to make of Williamson and Plec. McQueen said he'd like Jeremy to have "more edge," Wesley would like to do a flashback of Stefan in the eighties and Somerhalder said, "Give Damon Stefan's bedroom. It's a bad-ass bedroom."

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