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Video Device Flip Mino HD

Flip Mino HD: Designed to Thrill

Forever cool-hunting, Team Sugar's added yet another sexy accessory to its fabulous list. For the low down, read on ...

Fashion Guru FabSugar raves:

I must admit, I was feeling pretty tech-savvy at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week (RAFW). Not only was I catching all the very best designer shows live, but I was capturing it all on my trusty Flip  Mino HD to deliver you hot-off-the-runway footage. Impressive much? Well actually, I have to give my little Flip all the credit, because it literally worked miracles at the mere push of a button!  Let’s start with the pocket-friendly size, shall we? This little puppy is smaller than the average mobile and boasts a sleek black and silver exterior. A single red button controls everything from recording, to playing back, stopping and starting, and a simple built-in USB connection downloads all your handiwork in a you-cannot-screw-this-up kinda way. In a nutshell? Ba-na-nas! Check out all my Flip footage here!


Beauty Expert BellaSugar says:

Man, I was totally flipping out (no pun intended) before RAFW. The idea of trying to a) find and b) co-ordinate (read: control) a videographer all week was giving me a migraine. But then Flip came along and saved the day. Smaller than an iPhone, the Flip was the smallest video camera I’d ever set eyes on. I might write for a website but I’m still a bit of a technophobe. Even my 82-year-old Gran could use this and not have issues. Not bulky nor heavy, it left plenty of room in my bag for important stuff: makeup, hairspray. A girl’s got to look her best. The hair and makeup directors loved it, too. It wasn’t too in-your-face. It just looked like a Dictaphone. Then once I was done, you just put it in your USB thingy and voila, it’s there for you to edit, add titles, too, and it was up and live on the site in no time. I would say you could borrow mine to check it out, but it’s never leaving my side. LOVE.

RRP - $299.95

For more details about where to buy the Flip Mino HD, click here.

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