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Video of Jack Vidgen Singing Whitney Houston's "I Have Nothing" on Australia's Got Talent

Watch Jack Vidgen's Incredible Australia's Got Talent Audition

Last night saw the return of Australia’s Got Talent and once again we were presented with a wide range of acts that either amazed us or made us cringe. Among the highlights were pole-dancing Matty Shields, who impressed the judges and audience with his strength and moves (not to mention his sense of humour), and country boy Chooka Parker, who has never been musically trained but makes up amazing impromptu songs on the keyboard.

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The other name on everyone’s lips last night and this morning is 14-year-old Jack Vidgen, who, with his side-swept blonde hair, looked set to be Australia’s answer to Justin Bieber. But once he announced he’d be singing Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing” (to which Kyle Sandilands replied, “You’re either gonna be amazing or dreadful — both I will enjoy”) it was clear that his ambitious choice was sure to be a hit. Brian McFadden seemed like he couldn’t believe what he was watching throughout the whole performance and wasted no time running up on stage to plant a kiss on Jack’s cheek once it was over. If you missed the segment, catch up right now and witness Jack’s talent!

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