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Video of Sesame Street Parody of Glee, the G Club

Glee Gets the Sesame Street Treatment With G!

What happens when you cross Sesame Street with Glee? You get G! Just as the third season of Glee had its premiere, Sesame Street has created a cute and amusing parody of the all-singing, all-dancing show, which features all the characters singing about the letter ‘G’ in preparation for the G-gionals. Rachel, Finn, Mercedes, Artie and Kurt, the original G Club members, start rehearsing their song about ‘G’ for Mr. Guester, before Sue storms in with two of her Geerios to tell them they’re doing it wrong. (She also makes a comment about Guester’s hair — classic.) Watch their G-ified version of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’” below!

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