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WA Mother-Daughter Team Kerry and Holly First Eliminated From My Kitchen Rules After Sudden Death Round

Did You Watch My Kitchen Rules? Yes? Then Let's Discuss

Even if you’re a little bit oh-vah cooking shows, you probably tuned into My Kitchen Rules last night, right? We saw the first elimination — mother-daughter team Kerry and Holly from WA were the first to get the boot after losing to Kane and Lee from Melbourne in the season’s first sudden death cook-off. Their cooking time on the show was short and sweet because we only saw their instant restaurant last night as well. While watching the episode I had a few different thoughts (as you do — and no, they didn’t all relate to how hungry I was getting). I wonder if you felt the same?

Why did Kerry and Holly create such a difficult menu?
Based on their intros and comments during the other couples’ instant restaurants, I had pretty high hopes for Kerry and Holly’s menu. (Another contestant noted that Holly grew up with Kerry’s cooking — an advantage, wouldn’t you say?) And obviously I don’t know them or their cooking styles, but when I saw they’d be plating up lamb and fennel crepes and snapper with trout sausages, I was a little underwhelmed. The overly-ambitious duo realised they had way too much on their plate (no pun intended) a little too late (no rhyme intended).

Why do contestants only try things for the first time on competition night? If you cook a dish that you’ve done a million times and is usually a success, but something goes wrong on competition day, then that’s bad luck. But when you combine elements of different dishes for the first time (such as Kerry and Holly’s main) or try new moulds for your crème caramels that you didn’t realise would burn your dessert . . . why? WHY?

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Why are judges Pete Evans and Manu Feildel always filmed coming out of the car doing up their jacket buttons? I don’t know why I noticed that. Oh wait, I do — because we see the same shot every episode!

Do the current scores mean NSW has the best cooks? The TV show pits states against each other and all the contestants are basically representing their hometowns. In the first group, sisters Sammy and Bella sat at the top of the leader board, and fellow NSW-ers Bill and Alex also took out the instant restaurant challenge for their group. So based on this can we assume NSW out-chefs the rest?

What do you think about the current series of My Kitchen Rules?

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