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Who should Lara Bingle's rebound romance be now that she's split from Michael Clarke?

Single Bingle: Who Should Be Lara’s Rebound Romance?

We here at Sugar HQ have asked the important questions when it comes to the break-up of Lara Bingle and Michael Clarke. What happens to the ring? What should Lara’s breakup haircut be? Will Michael’s style survive without her by his side? Today we look at another important aspect: Who should be Lara’s rebound romance. We've gathered a list of the top contenders:

Hamish Blake: Get in line, girlfriend. Every chick in Australia has a crush on him. Could Lars land the country’s most desirable bachelor??
Sam Worthington: Sam dates stylist Natalie Mark, but she obviously hasn’t had much of an impact (hello $20 Payless shoes.). Perhaps Lara could be a lit-tle more persuasive.
Corey Worthington: They both love the spotlight and are repped by Max Markson. Lara could play the cougar card and they could launch a range of fluro high fashion sunglasses.
John Ibrahim: The sexy bad boy and Kings Cross nightclub boss is already a friend of Lara’s. Should they become friends with benefits?
Ryan Stokes: He’s back on the market since his split with Jodi Gordon and has the cash to keep her in the manner to which she’s become accustomed.
Dr. Chris Brown: He’s dreamy, he lives in Bondi, he surfs and he saves animals. Plus he's a doctor (vet's TOTALLY count).
Hugh Sheridan: He sings, he acts, he dresses well. What’s not to love? But she might want to trade those YSL heels in for some Chanel ballet flats.
Wil Anderson: A good sense of humour is always at the top of any list when picking a partner and he's adorable.
Curtis Stone: There’s nothing like a little comfort food to make things ALL better. Curtis could whip up some roast dinners and recipes with lots of chocolate.
Shannan Ponton: The Biggest Loser trainer has a thing for bikini models—he dated Bondi Blonde beer babe Jaime Wright. 
Justin Hemmes: He has money and moves in the right social circles. He’s single again after breaking up with longtime girlfriend Amber L’Estrange.

Who do you think would make Lara's perfect match? Vote now!

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