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Win Modern Family: The Complete Second Season on DVD!

WIN Modern Family: The Complete Second Season on DVD!


As you may have heard, the hilarious Modern Family won so many awards — including outstanding comedy series — at the recent Emmys that host Jane Lynch returned from a commercial break saying, “Welcome back to the Modern Family Awards.” The finale of season two also aired on Network Ten last week, meaning the hysterical adventures of the Dunphy and Pritchard clans will be absent from our TVs for a while. But we’ve got good news: to celebrate the September 21 release of Modern Family Season Two on DVD and Blu-ray, we’re giving away five copies of the complete second season on DVD! It comes with all 24 episodes from the series, plus hours of extras such as deleted scenes, a gag reel and more.

To be in the running, just LIKE our Facebook page and tell us in the comments section below who your favourite Modern Family character is, and why.

Terms and Conditions apply.

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Jaynestel Jaynestel 5 years
Sofía Vergara because she is such a pleasure to watch with an accent that sounds like music!
ellyloves ellyloves 5 years
I love the gay couple they are so funny and cluless about parenthood. They remind me of the things that I shouldn't do when I am a parent.
samphiremaid samphiremaid 5 years
Jay Pritchett is my favourite Modern Family character. He's really funny, but in a wry way, and he's very down to earth. Although he has a gruff exterior, he's very soft in the centre.
mimz458 mimz458 5 years
i HEART Manny! he's a romantic! old man stuck in a little chubby boy's body -- too cute!
Scoutlet Scoutlet 5 years
Lily. She's adorable and I reckon will be a bit of a tearaway with those two as parents!
bayshell bayshell 5 years
Choosing between the characters is like choosing between my children. I can't! I love them all.
terpsichore7 terpsichore7 5 years
My favourite Modern Family character is Jay Pritchett (Ed O'Neill). I enjoy the cultural clashes between Jay and his Colombian wife, Gloria. Even though he sometimes seems impatient with his family members, you can see that he really cares for all of them. He is a good role model and he displays a great deal of common sense.
vlt06 vlt06 5 years
Gloria Hallelujah This shows been blessed with one of gods best
mreeyore mreeyore 5 years
Manny the only intelligent male amongst them
cianor cianor 5 years
Phil with his juvenile attitude has cluelessness and klutziness in abundance but he's also earnest and empathetic and he is somebody we would all like to know.
terryc88 terryc88 5 years
Cameron because he's every girls ideal best friend: dramatic, flamboyant, bubbly, classically trained and prefect at flower arrangement. He’s the French champagne of the show!
mstham88 mstham88 5 years
Gloria is to Modern Family what Salsa is to Latin dancing: she makes it sexy, delicious, eye-catching and so much fun!
Martin893 Martin893 5 years
Phil Dunphy always makes me smile, An uncool dad with "peerenting" style. Goofy, clueless, klutzy, inept, Never gets time to "fix that step"!
jonmic jonmic 5 years
Cam....true to himself and hilarious with it!
maryanacole maryanacole 5 years
I like Phil so not cool, but trying really hard to impress his kids!
Petunia32 Petunia32 5 years
I love Phil. He reminds me a lot of myself. Bumbling through life, always putting his foot in his mouth, being a bit of a tool but being so loveable at the same time.
mandachic mandachic 5 years
Phil Dunphy - clueless and goofy he's the guy everyone loves to know!
Irena-Simunec Irena-Simunec 5 years
Cameron. I would just love him as a neighbour! Lots of fun and great with kids.
chloebowie chloebowie 5 years
"I gave her my heart and she gave me a picture of me as an old-time Sheriff" I love Manny - he's adorable, absolutely hilarious and reminds me of my brother when he was younger :)
ukuqhubeka ukuqhubeka 5 years
Although her character is a quite stereotypical, I do like Gloria. Yes, she's a Latina bombshell, and rather ditzy, and her heavy Colombian accent and mispronunciations are the basis of a lot of the humour, but there's something very charming and endearing about her.
mrtran mrtran 5 years
Cam ! Hes too funny and hilarious would make me laugh all day!
casamber casamber 5 years
Gloria: I love her comic timing and misprenunciation and I wished i looked as gorgeous as her after giving birth to Manny.
lauralai lauralai 5 years
Phil Dunphy. So innocently sweet and adorable, you cannot help loving him even when he makes the most ridiculous faux pas. And brilliant slapstick too!
saphire73 saphire73 5 years
Cam is my favorite, he is so funny, the way he is so over the top and loves to dress Lily in all those cute outfits.
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