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The X Factor Australia 2015 Grand Final Live Winner Results

Every Moment From The X Factor Australia 2015 Grand Final

Nineteen-year-old Cyrus Villanueva was crowned the winner of The X Factor recently. The student from Wollongong teared up when his name was announced, and couldn't fight back the emotions as he sung his debut single, "Stone", for the first time as the champion of the series. Louise Adams, the young mum from Mt. Gambier, came in second, while duo Jess & Matt placed third. Scroll for a full recap of all the grand final action, and check out our winner's interview with Cyrus here.

Earlier: It's The X Factor grand finale tonight! After yesterday's final round of performances, by the end of today, either Cyrus Villanueva, Jess & Matt or Louise Adams will be crowned the winner for 2015 and the worthy recipient of a Sony recording contract. Our poll tells us Cyrus is the hot favourite to win, but as any television watcher knows, anything can happen! So, who will it be? Stay with us tonight as we cover the show to find out!

7:33pm. There are SO many performances to look forward to!

7:38pm. Chris Isaak is wearing a glittering. silver. blazer. So much love for him. He even got a mention in parliament today, supposedly!

7:39pm. The bromance continues between Luke Jacobz and James Blunt.

7:40pm. Dannii Minogue is the only impartial judge tonight and can't seem to pick a winner. The audience yells "Cyrus! Cyrus!" Decision made? We'll see.

7:41pm. Time for performance recaps from last night. Don't mind me while I go grab a bag of chips. . .

7:45pm. The top 12 are reunited and performing the Major Lazer hit "Lean On". The set is giving me Lion King vibes.

7:47pm. OK, LOTS of dancing to an extended remix of this song. The production for this is insane! Check out that makeup on every single dancer. Oh bless, In Stereo, look at them staring adorably into the camera!

7:49pm. Ad break, again.

7:55pm. Flashback to the auditions and everything that was weird and wonderful about them. You've got to give it to those people. *Applause emoji*.

7:57pm. We get a backstage look at the top 12 chilling backstage with all the food. They throw confetti around and shout out names no one can hear when asked about who will win.

7:58pm. Jason Derulo is singing his new song, "Get Ugly", the first of the guests to perform. Again, stage production is next level: all the flashing lights! I never realised he had so much facial hair, maybe for Movember? Luke Jacobz asks Jason about the lyrics behind the song: "Is it OK to tell your girlfriend they're ugly?" Um, maybe that's taking things a bit too literally, Luke.

8:09pm. With an all new judging panel this year, a few squabbles were had. Oh, the drama! Guy said, "I think it was really just James!" Chris offers some wisdom: "I think this is why countries get into wars, both sides think they're right."

8:11pm. James Blunt ditches the desk for the stage and performs with the top 12! LOL, remember "Goodbye My Lover?" I wonder what they will sing?

8:12pm. OMG it's "You're Beautiful"!!!!!!

8:13pm. My life is brilliant. MY LOVE IS PUREEEEEE.

8:14pm. The top 12 emerge, choir style, and offer background harmonies. *Da la la la, da la la la*.

8:16pm. James thanks Australia for having him and says he's had a blast on the show. He says, "I've really been inspired [by the contestants]." Luke asks if his anxiety for Louise has helped him reach those high notes in the song. James offers another witty response, but in all seriousness, continues that although he is nervous, he thinks everyone in the top three is deserving of the title.

8:26pm. The top two acts are about to be announced, we're one step closer! This must be very nerve-wracking, being SO close to taking it out. Aaaand the first act through is. . . CYRUS!! YES! Hugs all around. The final act joining him is. . . LOUISE! Sadly, that means goodbye to Jess & Matt. It's been great to see a duo make it this far on the show. And a couple, nonetheless!

8:29pm. Queue the montage reel for Jess & Matt. But I think the question on everyone's mind is, will Matt propose?! He says "they're stronger as a duo, stronger as a couple. . . "

8:31pm. The entire audience is cheering, "Jess & Matt! Jess & Matt!" They say their thanks for all the love and support, to the fans, their family, and Guy! "You've been such an inspiration," Jess says. Guy, in his tweed jacket and red pocket square, is clearly disappointed a group was so close to winning, but it's only the beginning for Jess & Matt! I guess there's no proposal.

8:39pm. Rudimental take the stage! They're singing "Lay It All On Me". I wonder out loud whether Ed Sheeran will make an appearance. My dear mother keeps calling Ed Sheeran Ben Sherman.

8:47pm. Thank you Apple Music for showing this beautiful ad featuring Justin Bieber singing "Love Yourself." Would be a great song for Cyrus, no?

8:49pm. Family messages make me so emotional. "It's as if you've grown into a man overnight," Cyrus' mum says. *Wipes tear from eye.* How cute is Louise's baby, Frankie?

8:50pm. Cyrus opens the duet, "One Love". Oh, it's so perfect. Both him and Louise are twinning in white shirts, layered with a black blazer. This is a different song for Louise, but it works. The judges watch on in awe.

8:58pm. For the first time in almost 30 years, the Minogue sisters perform together. It's a new disco track, "100 degrees". DA-YUM, all that glam, they're even in matching dresses — Kylie's is pink and Dannii's is blue. Confetti! This is turning into one massive party. They hug it out on stage. How good is sisterly love?

9:04pm. It's a Minogue family affair! They're parents are in the audience, too. CA-UTE.

9:11pm. Cyrus says a highlight for him was taking Chris Isaak back to Wollongong, all that support meant so much! Chris has chosen "Wicked Game" for Cyrus to reprise. MY HEART.

9:13pm. This montage, though. Would you look at how far he has come.

9:15pm. This is heaven. NEVER STOP SINGING, CYRUS.

9:16pm. Will you marry me? Wait, can't believe you're only 19! All the applause. ALL THE APPLAUSE. James says, "If I were a girl, I'd fancy the pants off you." WORD.

9:24pm. It's Louise's turn! Loving her outfit. She's such a humble soul, and this story about Frankie is the cutest. James said he initially chose "Bang Bang" for Louise, but in light of the Paris attacks, felt it was inappropriate (good move). Instead, fittingly, she'll sing "People Help the People".

9:29pm. Her voice is so soulful. The kind that you can literally FEEL. I'm having a wave-your-hands-in-the-air moment.

9:32pm. "I really appreciate from that first audition, everything you said to me," Louise tells Dannii. Go mum! First time we've seen her sans the fringe, apparently. Nice spot, Guy. Did she just call James Jimmy?

9:40pm. It's time! The suspense is too much, I can hardly bear it.

9:42pm. The special envelope gets handed out. OMG. And the winner is. . . CYRUS! YES! YES! YES!

9:44pm. OMG he's crying. Bless his sweet soul! The Fisher Boys ambush him for a hug, and now everyone has lifted Cyrus up to cheer. Now the family runs onto the stage for ANOTHER group hug! Luke is just trying to do his job. "I can't thank everyone enough," Cyrus says. "I want to thank my beautiful family and friends, all the other contestants, the judges, Chris, of course, I couldn't have had a better mentor than you." He's still crying, everyone is crying.

9:47pm. Cyrus performs his winner single, "Stone", but is so happy he still keeps crying throughout the song, and can't get the words out. So cute! Wait, we're there. *I'm a stone in your river. . . " Congratulations, Cyrus!

Image Source: Channel Seven
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