POP Picks: A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder Is A Must-Watch Whodunnit for Mystery Lovers


There’s something about a good whodunnit that instantly reels me in — especially when it’s got those classic Nancy Drew vibes. The highly anticipated adaptation of Holly Jackson’s young adult thriller A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder has finally hit our screens, and fans everywhere are buzzing with excitement. Since its publication in 2019, the novel has captivated millions, selling around seven million copies worldwide and earning a massive following on TikTok. It’s no wonder this story was destined for the screen.

As someone who devoured the book, I couldn’t wait to see how the TV adaptation would bring the mystery to life. And trust me, it was worth the wait.

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A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder Plot

The story centres on 17-year-old Pip Fitz-Amobi (Emma Myers), who is determined to uncover the truth behind a murder that shook the picturesque UK town of Little Kilton five years ago. The victim, Andie Bell (India Lillie Davies), was the town’s golden girl, beloved by everyone. Her boyfriend, Sal Singh (Rahul Pattni), took the blame after a supposed confession and subsequent suicide. However, Pip isn’t convinced that Sal was the killer. Teaming up with Sal’s brother, Ravi (Zain Iqbal), she embarks on a quest for justice under the guise of a school project.

Right from the start, the show asks you to suspend some disbelief. Why doesn’t anyone, except Pip’s mother (Anna Maxwell Martin), find it strange that Pip is so invested in this old murder case? Pip’s somewhat questionable methods — stalking Ravi, harassing grieving witnesses, and even breaking into Andie’s room — are glossed over, just as they were in the book. But you know what? That’s exactly what makes the story so addictive, and why I binge-watched all six episodes in one go.

Accepting the series as an adaptation of a cosy crime novel rather than gritty realism is key to enjoying it. The plot is tightly woven with twists that keep you guessing about what really happened between Andie and Sal. It’s this page-turning quality that makes the TV series so compelling.


Staying True to the Story

The adaptation of A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder does justice to Holly Jackson’s novel, faithfully bringing its essence to the small screen. For fans familiar with the mystery book, watching the plot unfold and seeing the characters come to life is a satisfying experience, as the series stays remarkably true to its source material.

Pip’s journey to unravel the mystery behind her classmate Andie’s disappearance mirrors the book’s sequence of discoveries, but with a creative twist for television. The show cleverly integrates social media and online investigation, reflecting the way modern technology influences today’s detective work.

What really stands out about the series is its meticulous attention to every little detail. Little Kilton comes alive with a blend of small-town charm and an underlying sense of mystery that keeps you guessing. The cinematography skillfully captures the town’s picturesque yet slightly eerie ambiance, pulling you deeper into the heart of the story.

The dialogue stays faithful to Holly Jackson’s writing, allowing each character’s personality to shine through their interactions. Pip’s unwavering determination and sharp intellect shine brightly in every scene, making her a protagonist you can’t help but root for. Meanwhile, Ravi’s initial skepticism evolving into a solid partnership with Pip adds layers to their dynamic, exploring themes of trust and resilience along the way.


With its gripping storyline and characters you can’t help but root for, A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder keeps you hooked right until the last scene. Dolly Wells’ direction ensures that every twist and turn leaves you on the edge of your seat.

The series, ideal for young adults, explores themes like identity and determination through Pip, a sharp-witted protagonist. Her relentless pursuit of truth not only drives the narrative but also resonates with viewers looking for a strong female lead who isn’t afraid to challenge the status quo.

As the first mystery reaches its climax, the show tantalisingly leaves doors open for future investigations. With lingering questions and new suspects in the mix, the prospect of a second season promises even more thrilling adventures and unexpected revelations.

Ultimately, A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder succeeds with flying colours. It understands and executes the perfect formula for a gripping page-turner. Fans of mysteries and coming-of-age tales alike will find much to love in its charmingly binge-worthy storytelling. This girl’s guide receives an emphatic seal of approval.

How to Watch A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder In Australia

The full first season of A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder is available to stream on Stan.

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