An Exclusive First Look at Adam Demos and Victoria Justice's Rom-Com, “A Perfect Pairing”

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If you’ve been anxiously awaiting season two of “Sex/Life,” Netflix is giving you a rom-com starring Adam Demos to hold you over until the show returns. Titled “A Perfect Pairing,” the movie follows an LA wine-company exec named Lola (Victoria Justice) who travels to Australia, where she ends up working at a sheep station. While working as a ranch hand, sparks fly when she meets the handsome station manager, Max (Demos).

“I’m a sucker for a good rom-com, and I feel like ‘A Perfect Pairing’ is a good one,” Justice tells POPSUGAR. “OK, I’m a little biased, but it has heart and, of course, a love story. There’s something special about how our film intermingles the wine world with sheep farming. It’s two worlds that you wouldn’t think would collide, and that’s where a lot of the comedy comes in. It’s a fish-out-of-water story, and I’m the fish.”

“Pour yourself a glass of wine, get cosy, and prepare to fall in love with Australia, some sheep, and Adam Demos.”

Demos – who previously starred in 2019’s “Falling Inn Love” alongside Christina Milian – describes the story as “fun, charming, and [with] a lot of heart.” He adds, “I grew up on a farm like the character. Mine was a lot smaller, but I could still relate to loving being out on the land and the peace and beauty it comes with.”

Similarly, Justice relates to Lola’s “determination and moxie on some level,” even though her character is more of a risk-taker than she is. “I also admire her passion for wine and her work ethic. I feel the same way about acting and music,” Justice says.

Both Demos and Justice were on location in Australia for the production of the film. “It was a dream,” Justice gushes. “On weekends when I wasn’t filming, I was able to explore a bit and experience the wildlife. I held a koala and snuggled a kangaroo. It’s really a beautiful place with beautiful people, and I feel so lucky to have filmed there.” Given that Demos is a native Australian, he also had “the best” time shooting there. He adds: “We didn’t use a studio, and we had the most epic locations.”

“A Perfect Pairing” hits Netflix in May. In the words of Justice, “Pour yourself a glass of wine, get cozy, and prepare to fall in love with Australia, some sheep, and Adam Demos.”

Get an exclusive first look at the film ahead.

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