Abbie Chatfield Confirms Split from Konrad Bien-Stephens: “Nothing Bad Happened”

Instagram / @abbiechatfield

Abbie Chatfield has opened up about her split with Konrad Bien-Stephens, confirming that the relationship ended weeks ago.

Sharing the news on her Instagram, Abbie put the cheating rumours to bed, saying the truth isn’t quite as dramatic.

“There are reasons why I haven’t confirmed this yet but there’s been a lot of speculation and articles and rumours,” she said in a video.

“I guess I wanted to confirm that, yeah, Konrad and I have broken up. We’ve been broken up for a couple of months now.

“No one did anything awful, there’s no drama to it. It was not because we were in an open relationship … Nothing bad happened.”

Abbie then took aim at the media, especially those who wrote “opinion pieces” about her open relationship with Konrad.

She went on to add that the arrangement had nothing to do with their split, and that she was hoping to announce the news when she was ready.

“I wasn’t being deceitful by not telling people; there was a reason why there was a delay in telling you all,” she added.

“But I just didn’t want to be caught by paparazzi seeing someone else or whatever … him not living here anymore.”

For the past few weeks, it has been reported that Konrad had an affair with his The Challenge co-star Megan Marx, and while Abbie didn’t confirm nor deny those rumours, she did say their breakup wasn’t “anything dramatic”.

She’s also decided not to share her relationships online anymore.

“I probably won’t ever share my relationship publicly again to be honest because this whole situation and the way the media have f**king reported on it… like it’s a game, like my relationship is a game… it’s quite f**ked,” she said.

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