Abbie Chatfield’s New Romance Comes with a Serious Health Warning


After weeks of speculation, Abbie Chatfield has officially confirmed her relationship with Adam Hyde from Peking Duk.

The couple shared the news on Abbie’s It’s a Lot podcast, where the former Bachelor star gushed, “We’re so in love and we love talking about it.”

Reflecting on how they met, Abbie mentioned that their paths first crossed in 2022 when she interviewed Adam on her radio show.

“We’d see each other and we’d make out and we’d not talk afterwards,” she recalled. Adam added that their relationship “never lined up because it was never opened up to that”.

Adam described their early interactions as “like something out of a fairytale”, and expressed his commitment to Abbie, saying, “I’m so in love with you. As far as this relationship goes, I’m willing to go all the way. I don’t have any reservations.”

Adam Hyde’s Skin Cancer Diagnosis

However, the couple also disclosed some troubling news: Hyde has been diagnosed with skin cancer in his neck, and is scheduled for surgery to remove it.

He explained that the doctor diagnosed him with a “double cancer” in his neck, but Chatfield reassured listeners that “we think it’ll be okay… it’s not melanoma.”

“Get your skin checked everyone,” Adam warned.

“Something Out of a Fairytale”

During their joint appearance, the couple candidly discussed the start of their relationship, which began with a mutual crush and evolved into what Chatfield called “the best date of my life”.

“Yeah. It was incredible. It was like something out of a fairytale,” Hyde agreed. “I felt like my crush on you was developing every time we’d hang out. And then I’d intentionally push it down and then not talk to you afterwards or avoid you afterwards.”

In true Abbie fashion, she shared intimate details of their romance, telling listeners that their sex life “went crazy”.

“You make me feel so safe and so calm all the time,” she told Hyde. He reciprocated the sentiment, and described the beginning of their relationship as feeling like “something just came crashing over my head like a wave of just like falling in love is insane. It just grabbed me and like it felt incredible.”

Abbie Chatfield Teased Fans for Months

This confirmation of Abbie’s new romance comes three months after she first mentioned her “new crush” on a March 2024 episode of her It’s a Lot podcast.

“He makes everything sparkly. He’s so funny… I just love being around him and he makes me so happy,” she shared, adding, “I cry every day because of how happy I am. He’s just been the kindest, most supportive person.”

Chatfield had described her new relationship as “actually the most important thing that’s happened to me, dating-wise.”

Over the following months, Abbie shared more about her burgeoning romance with Adam, saying, “The person I’m dating now, as we know, I knew them for a while and I had a big fat crush on them for a very long time.”

Although Abbie did not directly name Adam as her new partner until June 2024, fans quickly linked them after they were seen together at the Australian Grand Prix.

As one-half of Peking Duk, ARIA winner Hyde is best known for multi-platinum hits like High, Take Me Over, and Stranger.

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