Will Janine and Gregory End Up Together on “Abbott Elementary”? Here Are the Chances

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ABC’s new mockumentary “Abbott Elementary” follows a group of passionate (and eccentric) teachers at the titular school as they forge friendships and help one another meet the challenges of working in an underfunded school district. While the breakout workplace comedy deftly highlights real issues that exist within the U.S. public education system, there’s also tons of humour and heart that. For instance, there’s what seems to be the beginning of a slow-burn romance between the optimistic second-grade teacher Janine (Quinta Brunson) and the new resident substitute teacher, Gregory (Tyler James Williams). It’s one plotline fans have been following with bated breath since the beginning, and every time a spark of their undeniable chemistry flies on-screen, we can’t help but wonder if these two will finally give in to their feelings! So, will Janine and Gregory ever get together officially?

How Serious Is Janine and Tariq’s Relationship?

The most pressing obstacle standing in the way of Janine and Gregory is Janine’s long-time boyfriend (of a decade, to be exact), Tariq – a wannabe rapper (Zack Fox) who’s basically making Janine do all the heavy lifting in their stagnant relationship. Janine and Tariq met in the eighth grade and have been together ever since. In fact, Tariq is the only guy Janine has ever dated. And despite noticing her partner’s shortcomings, Janine can’t seem to cut ties and move on from the familiarity of their relationship, despite having clearly outgrown it. While it’s happening slowly, Janine is getting more aware of her subpar relationship status as her connection with Gregory grows.

Does Gregory Like Janine?

Despite keeping his cards close to his chest, Gregory’s professional facade seems to crumble whenever Janine’s around him. Whether it’s Janine’s optimistic outlook on life, unfiltered persona, or just her being a great friend to Gregory, his defenses come down and we see a more vulnerable side to him when he interacts with Janine. Gregory seems aware of his feelings for Janine on some level, often expressing excitement when there’s a chance to hang out with her. And while it seems unlikely that Gregory will act on his crush until Janine is romantically available, all signs point to an imminent split between Tariq and Janine after she comes to terms with the reality of their incompatibility in episode eight.

What Has Quinta Brunson Said About Janine and Gregory’s Relationship?

While it’s encouraging to know that series creator Quinta Brunson is open to boarding the Janine and Gregory ship, fans might have to wait a while longer for their chemistry to truly take off. Speaking with TV Insider, Brunson said that she wants to “explore this relationship, but sometimes, all you’re having is a crush.” Nonetheless, we believe what these two have is the stuff of great romantic stories – one for the ages, no matter how long it takes to get there.

While the path to their romance might not be linear, based on the great mockumentary romances of yesteryear, we’re confident it will only be a matter of time before Janine and Gregory admit their feelings for one another. We’re calling it now; this is the workplace romance that’ll be remembered iconically for years to come, much like “The Office”‘s Pam and Jim, “Parks and Recreations” Leslie and Ben, or “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”‘s Jake and Amy. Till then, we’ll continue shipping them.

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