Everything to Know About After We Fell, the Third Book in Anna Todd's Series


If you thought After We Collided ended on a cliffhanger, just wait until you get a load of After We Fell, the third book in Anna Todd’s After series. Can’t wait for the film adaption to find out what happens next? No worries, we have all the sexy and shocking spoilers ahead.

After We Fell kicks off with Tessa on the cusp of unveiling her exciting news to Hardin about moving to Seattle for a big opportunity with Vance Publishing. But first, she needs to face a piece of her past: her father. Tessa is eager to reconnect with her father, who she hasn’t seen in nine years, but protective boyfriend Hardin raises some pretty rightful concerns.

She brushes off Hardin’s warnings and invites her dad over for dinner. As we find out throughout book three, Tessa’s dad has been getting mixed up in the wrong crowd while also developing a heavy drug addiction. Seeing how Hardin’s dad, Chancellor Scott, was able to straighten up his life, Tessa hopes she can help her own dad do the same. But as secrets of the past begin to unravel, there’s not much hope for Mr. Young.

Meanwhile, Landon has decided to relocate to New York to be with his longtime girlfriend. (Yes, Landon; you go!) And despite finally kissing Tessa, then getting his butt kicked by Hardin on school property and winding up in the hospital, Zed still won’t give up on the idea of dating Tessa.

When the group finds out about Tessa’s Seattle news, they throw her a going-away party . . . which is really just a coverup for Steph’s evil plan to embarrass and hurt Tessa. Steph drugs Tessa’s drink and coaxes her into an empty room. There, she confesses that she despises Tessa and that it wasn’t Zed who stole Hardin’s phone and texted her on his birthday. Further, she brings Hardin’s former friend, Dan, into the room and while filming everything, prompts him to assault Tessa, who is borderline unconscious.

Aware of what’s happening in a room nearby, Molly notifies Hardin, but Zed beats him to the punch and rescues Tessa before things get much, much worse. Considering Molly (who used to hook up with Hardin) and Tessa have never really gotten along, it’s a big deal that she would have her back over her friend Steph’s.

The rest of After We Fell focuses on Hardin trying to earn back Tessa’s trust, a big theme throughout the series. Hardin teams up with Landon to try to get Tessa’s father help, and he even reaches out to her mother for advice. Although his efforts seem to have won Tessa back, her guard is up. Not to mention, Zed is lurking in the background waiting for Hardin’s temper to get the best of him so he can swoop in. It’s a clusterf*ck to say the least.

And because Anna Todd is the queen of cliffhanger endings, After We Fell wraps up with a shocker: Hardin learns his mother has been having a long-term affair dating back to when she originally got together with Hardin’s father. She’s secretly been seeing Christian Vance, his father’s best friend, and Vance is Hardin’s biological father!

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