Agatha Christie Movies and TV Shows to Watch Before “A Haunting in Venice”

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If you thought you’d seen the last of Hercule Poirot, think again. Agatha Christie’s famous Belgian detective, who has appeared in countless of her mystery novels, returns in “A Haunting in Venice,” which is set to premiere on Sept. 15. The movie is based on Christie’s 1969 novel “Hallowe’en Party,” which revolves around Poirot embroiled in another murder mystery. The original story takes place at a Halloween party, while the upcoming adaptation sees the detective at a séance.

“A Haunting in Venice” coproducer and director Kenneth Branagh is set to reprise his role as Poirot for the third time in the upcoming film. He first made his debut as Poirot in the star-studded 2017 film “Murder on the Orient Express.” Five years later, he returned as Poirot in the 2022 movie “Death on the Nile,” which also had a stacked cast. The third film in the Branagh trilogy will also feature huge stars like “Fifty Shades of Grey” actor Jamie Dornan, “Saturday Night Live” comedian Tina Fey, and Oscar winner Michelle Yeoh.

If you’re a fan of Branagh’s whodunit films, then you should check out these other movies and TV shows that were inspired by Christie’s mystery novels.

Agatha Christie Movies

“The Passing of Mr. Quin” (1928)

Released in 1928, “The Passing of Mr. Quin” was the first film adaptation of one of Christie’s works. It follows a woman named Eleanor whose husband gets murdered.

“Alibi” (1929)

“Alibi” adapts Christie’s 1926 novel “The Murder of Roger Ackroyd.” It centers on a woman named Flora who asks Poirot to dig into a murder case after her fiancé is accused of being the culprit.

“Lord Edgware Dies” (1934)

Lord Edgware and his wife were planning to get a divorce when he is suddenly murdered.

“Love From a Stranger” (1937)

“Love From a Stranger” is based on Christie’s 1924 short story “Philomel Cottage.” It follows a woman who suspects her husband is planning to kill her.

“And Then There Were None” (1945)

Ten strangers are invited to a mysterious island. After arriving, the group wait for their hosts, only to be killed off one by one.

“Love From a Stranger” (1947)

The 1947 version of “Love From a Stranger” is an American remake of the original 1937 film.

“Witness For the Prosecution” (1957)

A British lawyer is called in to defend a man named Leonard Vole after he’s accused of killing a wealthy widow.

“The Spider’s Web” (1960)

After a man is killed at her house, a woman tries to hide the corpse from her husband and their visitors.

“Murder, She Said” (1961)

“Murder, She Said” sees Christie’s iconic elderly detective Miss Jane Marple investigating the murder of a young woman on a train.

“Murder at the Gallop” (1963)

Miss Marple suspects that a wealthy man’s death was orchestrated by one of his relatives.

“Murder Most Foul” (1964)

Miss Marple launches her own investigation after a man is accused of murdering an actress.

“Murder Ahoy!” (1964)

Miss Marple investigates a series of murders on a ship.

“Ten Little Indians” (1965)

Based on Christie’s “And Then There Were None,” this film sees 10 strangers visiting a mansion in the snowy mountains when they each begin dying one by one.

“The Alphabet Murders” (1965)

After realizing that a murderer’s victims are being targeted in alphabetical order, Poirot tries to figure out the culprit before he comes for Sir Carmichael Clarke.

“Endless Night” (1972)

A pair of newlyweds are enjoying their new life together when they begin to suspect they built their dream home on cursed land.

“Murder on the Orient Express” (1974)

“Murder on the Orient Express” sees Poirot trying to uncover the culprit behind a murder on a luxurious train.

“And Then There Were None” (1974)

In this remake, a group of 10 strangers travel to a hotel, where they each mysteriously begin dying.

“Death on the Nile” (1978)

In “Death on the Nile,” Poirot returns to solve a murder involving a newlywed couple while aboard a luxurious cruise on the Nile River.

“The Mirror Crack’d” (1980)

Two huge movie stars travel to an English village to make a film. However, their visit goes awry when a local woman gets murdered.

“Evil Under the Sun” (1982)

After a movie star is found dead on a beach, Poirot is asked to investigate her murder.

“Ordeal by Innocence” (1984)

A scientist named Dr. Arthur Calgary tries to prove a man was wrongfully executed for the death of his adoptive mother.

“Appointment With Death” (1988)

In “Appointment With Death,” Poirot investigates the murder of a widow named Emily Boynton, who was killed while taking a cruise with her family.

“Ten Little Indians” (1989)

A group of strangers are invited on a safari. When the guests start to die, they try to uncover the killer among them before there’s no one left.

“Innocent Lies” (1995)

“Innocent Lies,” which is loosely inspired by Christie’s “Towards Zero,” follows a British detective who’s determined to identify his colleague’s mysterious killer.

“Mindhunters” (2004)

“Mindhunters” is a loose adaptation of Christie’s “And Then There Were None.” It follows a group of FBI agents who realize there’s a killer among them after their leader is murdered during a training exercise.

“Murder on the Orient Express” (2017)

In this second big-screen adaptation of “Murder on the Orient Express,” stars like Tom Bateman, Kenneth Branagh, Penélope Cruz, Willem Dafoe, Josh Gad, and Daisy Ridley portray the new set of suspects aboard the iconic Orient Express train.

“Crooked House” (2017)

Detective Charles Hayward is tasked with finding out who poisoned the powerful business tycoon Aristide Leonides.

“Death on the Nile” (2022)

In the 2022 adaptation of “Death on the Nile,” Gal Gadot and Armie Hammer play newlyweds Linny and Simon, whose honeymoon aboard the S.S. Karnak turns into a murderous nightmare.

“A Haunting in Venice” (2023)

After retiring, Poirot is thrust back into another mystery after he attends a séance that ends with a murder.

Agatha Christie TV Shows

“Agatha Christie’s Partners in Crime” (1983)

This 1983 British TV series follows a husband-and-wife detective duo named Tommy and Tuppence Beresford as they solve a series of mysteries.

“Agatha Christie’s Poirot” (1989)

This mystery series follows Christie’s iconic Belgian detective as he travels around the world to solve crimes.

“Agatha Christie’s Marple” (2004)

“Agatha Christie’s Marple” centers on Christie’s popular elderly detective who gets wrapped up in several investigations.

“Partners in Crime” (2015)

This six-part series sees Tommy and Tuppence Beresford embarking on an espionage adventure.

“And Then There Were None” (2015)

Eight guests arrive on an isolated island and are each accused of murder.

“The Witness For the Prosecution” (2016)

After a rich woman is found dead at her London home, her lover, Leonard Vole, is accused of murdering her.

“Ordeal by Innocence” (2018)

In this three-part BBC series, a wealthy woman named Rachel Argyll is killed, and all evidence points to her adoptive son, Jack, as her killer. However, he insists he’s innocent.

“Ms. Ma, Nemesis” (2018)

“Ms. Ma, Nemesis” is a South Korean TV series that adapts several of Christie’s works, including “Nemesis,” “The Moving Finger,” and “The Mirror Crack’d From Side to Side.”

“The ABC Murders” (2018)

This miniseries adapts Christie’s 1936 novel of the same name. The show follows Poirot as he tracks down a serial killer known as A.B.C.

“The Pale Horse” (2020)

After a young woman is killed, police find a mysterious list of names in her shoe. Among those is the name of Mark Easterbrook, who begins to believe his life is at risk.

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