Gina Chick Crowned the First-Ever Winner of “Alone Australia” 2023

alone australia 2023 winner

In a jaw-dropping feat of strength and resilience, rewilding facilitator Gina Chick became the first-ever winner of “Alone Australia” 2023. Battling the untamed wilderness of Western Tasmania for a jaw-dropping 67 days, Gina outshone her fellow contestants, and walked away with the impressive $250,000 prize.

But it wasn’t just about the cash for Gina. She embarked on a personal journey of growth, gratitude, and an unbreakable bond with nature.

alone australia 2023 winner

“For me, it was never about winning the competition,” she said in a press statement. “My focus was on solving my needs every day. I’m not an expert survivalist, but what I’ve found is that I can let my instincts and the land teach me what I needed to know. I really wanted to show that there is a way of being at home in the wild.”

“There’s a way of connecting with an ancestral way of being that isn’t about dominating nature, or about having all the bells and whistles and tricks. I want to thank the palawa for the tens of thousands of years they’ve lived in harmony with this country, leaving footprints for me to follow.”

Gina’s Journey to Victory on “Alone Australia”

As the competition amped up, Gina found herself among the final three contestants, alongside vet and bush regenerator Michael and solo adventurist Mike. In a nail-biting twist, Michael took a bold leap and relocated to a new campsite in search of sustenance. However, the toll of isolation and longing for his family became too much. He ended up tapping out on day 30.

In the ultimate showdown, Gina and Mike faced a colossal storm that pushed them to their limits. Unfortunately, Mike’s declining health, indicated by falling blood pressure, forced his extraction from the competition on day 64. After acing her medical check on day 67, Gina’s best friend, Lee, surprised her with the news of her well-deserved victory.

Congratulations, Gina!

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