“Like ‘Triangle of Sadness'”: Darren and Tristan on Their Favourite “Amazing Race” Moments

The Amazing Race: Winners Darren and Tristan share their best moments from the show
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“The Amazing Race: Celebrity Edition” has come to a heartwarming end of the season. In last night’s finale episode, Darren McMullen and his nephew, Tristan Dougan, made it to the end of the Race first, and decided to split the prize with the last two remaining teams, Emma Watkins and her sister Hayley, and Alli Simpson and her mother Angie. You could say that it was the exact opposite of “The Traitors Australia” finale earlier this year (IYKYK).

Chatting to POPSUGAR Australia over the phone after their victory, Tristan said he “didn’t take much convincing” to make the decision to join his uncle for the adventure of a lifetime on “The Amazing Race: Celebrity Edition”.

“It kind of all started on like a drunken, Friday night or Saturday morning,” he recalled. “I’m pretty sure I was in bed and [Darren] called me. He’s like, ‘Hey, how do you feel about doing “The Amazing Race”?’ — I just kind of burst out laughing. I said “You want me to be in The Amazing Race” with you?”

It was an opportunity Tristan couldn’t turn down, and the rest, as they say, is history.

“Like ‘Triangle of Sadness'”: Darren and Tristan’s Favourite Moments on the Show

When you agree to compete on “The Amazing Race”, you expect to be taken out of your comfort zone. What Darren and Tristan didn’t expect, however, was to be living out an IRL version of “Triangle of Sadness”. Specifically, that scene from the film, — the one where everyone pukes non-stop, for far, far longer than you’d ever expect. If you haven’t seen it, you can get the gist here.

If you ask Darren, though, seeing everyone vomit while he ate bull’s penis is one of his favourite “Amazing Race” memories.

“That was a real highlight for me,” he said, “thinking I was on that movie ‘Triangle of Sadness’ with a 45 minute vomit scene.”

He and Tristan laughed, recalling the scene.

“We’re sat at the back of this restaurant and looking in front of all the teams and it was just a complete vom-fest,” Darren said. “People vomiting on each other, people vomiting on the table. People like, standing up and slipping on the vomit that they’d already spewed on the tile.”

Calling it “absurd”, Darren recalled thinking, “Is this actually happening?”

“You can see us in the background,” he said. “It’s a mixture of just laughter and disbelief at what’s going on, and pure disgust.”

Tristan’s Favourite Moments on “The Amazing Race”

“Vom-fest” aside, Tristan also had some fond memories from the adventure.

“There’s three moments that stand out, actually,” he said. “The whole day that we had together in Langkawi was awesome. I think that’s the kind of ‘Amazing Race’ that we envisaged that we were going on… like jet skiing, parasailing, bat caves, those kind of like water rides.”

Darren agreed.

“You know, we watched other episodes of ‘The Amazing Race’ from different seasons, and they all seem to be jumping out planes or scuba diving and doing really, really cool things, but there was none of that!” he said. “So that was just a little glimpse at the ‘Amazing Race’ we thought it would be. Everything else was just really hard.”

Another highlight, Tristan said, was when they won the first leg of the Race.

“[It was] kind of surreal as well, because you kind of get a sense that you could probably go the whole way and it really gives you that motivation,” he explained. “And then obviously, that very end when we had our moment together, that’s something that’s touched into my memory forever. To get to share it with then two other teams as well, it’s insane.”

Darren agreed, and after seeing Emma and Hayley’s train ride and how defeated they were in the finale, he couldn’t be happier about the decision to split the prize.

“It was just such a beautiful moment,” he said. “We just knew that we were going to win. Of course, the other side of the coin there, which I didn’t know until I saw last night on the telly is Emma and Haley’s train ride. They were so deflated, you know, there were tears and they were so upset with one another. When I watched last night and saw what they were going through on that train trip, I was glad that it ended the way it did and we all got to share the spoils for a charity, [it was] the right thing to happen.”

“The Amazing Race: Celebrity Edition” is streaming now on 10 Play.

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