Carrie Has Full-Circle Moments With Samantha and Mr. Big in the “And Just Like That” Finale

HBO Max / Craig Blankenhorn

The “Sex and the City” revival has reached its finale. During the “And Just Like That” finale episode, which aired Feb. 3, Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) had full-circle moments with both Samantha Jones (played by Kim Catrall in ‘SATC’) and Mr. Big (Chris Noth), who died of a heart attack during the premiere.

First, Carrie goes on a second date with math teacher Peter (Jon Tenney), where she allows him to kiss her at the end. The kiss lingers on her mind as it’s the first time she’s kissed anyone since Big’s death. To clear her head, she recaps the date to Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon) and Charlotte York (Kristin Davis) before ultimately deciding to text Samantha for advice. “I kissed a man,” she texts Samantha, who quickly responds, “The first of many. How was it?” Carrie responds, “It wasn’t Big,” and Samantha jokes, “So, it was small.” The pair then vow to talk “soon.”

When it comes to Big, Carrie gets an epiphany on where she wants to lay his ashes. Keep reading for more on Big’s final resting place and where Carrie and Samantha’s friendship goes from there.

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