I’ll Say What We’re All Thinking: Since When Was Steve Bad In Bed?

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The seventh episode of And Just Like That . . . opens with Carrie sitting back in her window, with a montage of her writing a book as the seasons change, and just like that, all feels right in the Sex and the City world. But when Carrie sits down in her publisher’s office to get feedback on her new book (read: rave reviews), her editor tells her that the book needs a little glimmer of hope. 

It’s time for her to dip her toe into the dating world and in much the same way that I’ve been searching for the light in And Just Like That . . . (beyond my inexplicable need to keep watching this comforting but kind of cringe show), we’re being thrown a bone. Carrie is (soon to be) back, baby.

In her own words, Carrie soon wins the award for the worst night ever when she finally puts herself out there, goes on a date, and then has a disgusting bout of tandem puking outside Au Cheval which, according to my New Yorker colleague is (and I quote) “SACRILEGE!”. When I tell you I cackled and then felt hugely relieved that the humour had finally been inserted back into Sex and the City.

And in today’s issue of #JusticeForSteve, I’d like to say again that his storyline is not fair. Perhaps that sounds petulant, but in this case, I feel foot-stompingly cranky that they continue to try to convince us that Steve would have ever turned into a bumbling fool. First, he was portrayed as an old and boring man, and after doing a vibe check on Steve in the POPSUGAR Australia office, the consensus is that this simply was not his journey. He deserves so much better.

For anyone who says “bUt hE ChEAteD oN MirAnDa”, I knowwwww okay. But that man paid for his mistakes for a year, showed genuine remorse (unlike another certain leading male character who shall not be named), and let’s not forget that Miranda was embarrassed about dating Steve in the first place and only kept him around for his skills in the bed. AND she only wanted him back when he found a hot girlfriend who made her wild with jealousy. 

Which brings me to my next point: Why are we pretending that Steve doesn’t know how to please a woman? Just because Miranda is in the process of peeling back the layers of her sexuality and identity does NOT mean that Steve has to be tripping over at the farmers market and aggressively washing his hands in the kitchen before touching Miranda. Quite frankly, he would never. Let’s not forget that this man owns and runs a bar (that we’ve heard nothing about, it must be noted) and loves Miranda deeply. 

As the episode comes to a close, we see an intimate scene with Miranda and Che return (also, the return of nudity) in an intimate, post-coital moment. I think it’s really beautiful to see Miranda stepping into her newly-realised sexuality and I agree that she gave it a go with Steve — and we all know they’ve worked on their relationship in the past — but to end the relationship with an affair? To not respect Steve enough to end it calmly? That’s what feels so wrong to me. I’m not buying it.

And no, I will not be talking about Charlotte in this episode, sorry. I’m bored and she bores me.

And Just Like That . . . is now streaming on BINGE and you can catch up on all of our coverage, here. See you next week!

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