I Say This With Love: And Just Like That Is Kind of Boring

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Now that we’ve reached the penultimate episode of And Just Like That . . . , I feel like I can finally say it: this show’s kind of boring. I know I’ve said I’m bored by Charlotte before (and I stand by that, for the most part), but this time, that’s not what I mean. 

I mean that this Sex and the City reboot has finally elbowed its way through the masses of missteps to settle into a comforting place where the show’s a bit slow — because really, what has actually happened beyond Steve’s character assassination — and also comforting, hitting just the right note of nostalgia to keep me coming back for more each week. 

Like all other weeks in And Just Like That . . . , Carrie just keeps trucking along and, on this front, there’s not a lot to report. She finds Big’s wedding ring, wears (then almost loses) the ring and squeals, then decides to take it off and text the lovely teacher widow to go out again. Again, not a lot to say, but also kind of comforting. Carrie’s just being Carrie and we’re all here for the ride. 

In this episode, Carrie’s new friend and realtor, Seema, started to have her moment when she meets the French club owner (played by William Abadie) who once played the Prada guy in the original series but is now much better known for his role in Emily in Paris.

First, I simply love that the original series pumped through every man of a specific age around the world, so they’re now having to wheel out the same guys again. Long story short, Seema and Carrie get embarrassingly turned away when they try to cut the line at a club, and then successfully cut the line thanks to Prada guy-turned-club owner guy at the end. We love to see it. 

But the scene that I really loved in this episode was Charlotte helping her daughter Lily with inserting her very first tampon, cheering her on while she just couldn’t get the angle exactly right. This taking place in the same episode as Smug Charlotte tells Carrie and Miranda that she has entered menopause and hasn’t had a period of her own in months (or so we thought) feels right.

The metaphoric passing of the period baton is cute and I can only hope it’s a hint that maybe, just maybe, the leading ladies will pass the lead character baton to the next generation too. I’d also be okay with a Lily and Rock, Gossip Girl crossover, but that’s a conversation for another day.

And while we’re talking about Charlotte, I have to say, she was brilliant in this episode. I can pinpoint the exact moment she won me over and that moment is when she told Lily that her tampon string isn’t gone, it’s just hiding. Then she said the words, “usually it’s in your tushy crack, did you look there?”. Chef’s kiss. Perfection. Give these writers an Emmy. 

You just know I couldn’t finish this recap without touching on Main Character Miranda and just know that a lot happened for her. She called herself Che’s girlfriend in public (promptly sending me into a cringe spiral that I’ve not yet found my way back out of), started playing weird phone tag games with Che (not in a cute way), and brought them cookies unannounced then bellowed her way back down her walkup. 

It’s a tough watch, to be honest, but all Im really left thinking is that I want Steve to move on. After interrogating Carrie on who Che is and whether Miranda really has left him for them, he says he’ll never take his wedding ring off because they agreed to “till death do us part,” and it’s honestly like watching a puppy get kicked so many times that they just start kicking themselves. I want good, vibrant things for Steve, and I hope he gets that.

And Just Like That . . . is now streaming on BINGE and you can catch up on all of our coverage, here. See you next week!

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