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Angela Clancy Elimination Interview Big Brother 2020

Big Brother Fave Angela Says She and Her Fellow Housemates Are Actually Friends Despite Yesterday's Drama

Angela Clancy Elimination Interview Big Brother 2020
Image Source: Channel Seven

Angela Clancy, an icon, was evicted from last night's Big Brother in a landslide eviction, after seemingly rubbing everyone the wrong way.

While she garnered plenty of fans on the outside, her aggressive strategy in the house led even her closest allies, in Marissa Rancan and Kieran Davidson, to vote her out last night.

In her last moments in the house she didn't mince words about the other contestants, calling Mat Garrick "two-faced" for doing a deal with her and then putting her up for nomination, and revealing that the so-called "alpha" alliance intended to send Chad Hurst home next.

She encouraged the other contestants to consider who had the balance of power in the Big Brother house, so they wouldn't simply be picked off one-by-one by the group that had dominated the game since the very first day. "I'll try to keep it simple: we're in a game," she stressed.

In an attempt to save herself and Kieran from elimination, she urged everyone to vote for Casey Mazzucchelli, accusing her of coasting safely under the radar, saved by her alliance with Daniel Gorringe, Xavier Molyneux and Mat, and spending most of her energy on getting a tan.

"Screw you, man!" Casey yelled.

"My view of the game is between the three of us he has played the game more than you and so have I," Angela explained matter-of-factly, with Kieran sitting uncomfortably between her and Casey.

Her parting words to the contestants ahead of her inevitable eviction were simple: "Make moves, make bold moves, try to break up alliances. You never know how far you can go in this game if you engage your brain. Just do you, boo."

But will the other contestants heed her advice when she was voted out of the game not once, but twice?

Read on for our interview with Angela:

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