Here’s When Anna Paul Is Restocking Her New Affordable Skincare Line, Paullie

Anna Paul

Aussie influencer Anna Paul has taken the skincare world by storm with her debut skincare line, Paullie. Inspired by her personal battle with acne, this range features four products designed to give you that coveted radiant glow.

Anna has been on a personal journey with skincare. Her skin struggles have been real, just like many of us. She’s tried all sorts of products over the years, but when the chance to create her own skincare line came knocking, she jumped at it.

Remember the frenzy around Kylie Jenner’s lipstick launch in 2015? Well, we’re talking similar levels of anticipation here. Kylie’s lipsticks vanished off the shelves in less than a minute, and now, Anna Paul’s Paullie is making waves in Australia on the same scale.

The brand had a jaw-dropping launch on Sunday night. In just seven minutes, the entire line was completely sold out.

“Oh my gosh! That was so quick!!” Anna captioned in an Instagram post. “I’m so sorry for those who missed out but everything is now SOLD OUT.”

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When Will Paullie Be Restocking?

Hundreds of fans expressed their disappointment in missing out on the products, which begs the question: When will Paullie be restocking? Well, we finally have answers!

Paullie will officially be restocking their products on Sunday, October 15 at 9.00am AEST.

Anna made the announcement on her company’s Instagram page.

“The Paullie website is officially open for you to browse ingredients, check shipping prices and read FAQ’s,” she captioned. She went on to explain that while the website will temporarily close on Saturday, it will reopen in time for the restock.

No password will be needed to access the website during this restock! So, set your alarms and get ready for the next chance to snag Paullie Skin.

What Products Does Paullie Sell?

Now, let’s get to the heart of the matter — the products themselves. In a recent TikTok video, Anna gave fans an intimate look into how she uses these products. She also delved into the key ingredients they include. This behind-the-scenes glimpse into her skincare routine added a personal touch, further connecting her with her followers and revealing the care and thought that went into creating Paullie.

The four products being released include:

  • Calm Cleanser
  • Reset Hydrating Serum
  • Daydream Moisturiser
  • Take Time Clay Mask

You can find out the key ingredients in Anna’s video below.

@anna..paull My skincare routine 💛 @Paullie ♬ original sound – Anna Paul

How Much Does Paullie Cost?

One of the standout features of Paullie’s skincare line is its affordability. Anna Paul is determined to challenge the status quo in an industry where celebrity-owned beauty brands often come with eye-watering price tags. Replying to a fans comment, she made it clear: “Everything will be $30 and under. That is very important to me.”

Paul revealed the prices of her skincare products on Instagram on Tuesday. The costs include:

  • Calm Cleanser — $23
  • Reset Hydrating Serum — $27
  • Daydream Moisturiser — $25
  • Take Time Clay Mask — $30
  • The Full Collection — $105

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