Annelise Is the Chatterbox Shaking Things Up on “Big Brother”

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Annelise, the chatterbox who can talk underwater, is ready to make waves in “Big Brother“. She’s not just a talker; she’s an over-thinker, and when she feels unheard, she doesn’t hesitate to speak up. As she steps into the “Big Brother” house, Annelise’s strategy is clear — she plans to play hard-to-get, and will be keeping in mind that her nanna will be tuning into the show.

What Annelise Brings to “Big Brother”

Annelise proudly describes herself as “the friend you send up to the bouncer to secure a spot at the front of the queue”. But be warned, she’s cautious about falling too hard for anyone inside the house. Annelise firmly believes in monogamy, and she knows that forming a true connection could spell trouble.

Annelise’s journey to the “Big Brother” House is as extraordinary as it gets. She spent two years as a Disney Princess in Paris, an adventure that transformed her into the confident and independent woman she is today.

Despite her inner strength, Annelise is quite an emotional soul, particularly when overwhelmed. Nominating and evicting fellow housemates might tug at her heartstrings.

So, as she makes her grand entrance into the “Big Brother” house, Annelise brings a world of words, a quest for adventure, and a charming personality that’s bound to keep us all entertained. Be prepared for a remarkable journey with this unique character in the mix!

“Big Brother Australia” premieres Monday, 6 November at 7.30pm on Channel 7 and 7plus.

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