Meet the Star-Studded Cast of Tom Holland’s New Show, “The Crowded Room”

Apple / Stephanie Mei-Ling

Apple TV+’s newest TV show, “The Crowded Room,” is here. The highly anticipated series, which debuted on June 9, is partially based on “The Minds of Billy Milligan,” the true-crime novel by Daniel Keyes.

At the center of “The Crowded Room” is Danny Sullivan (Tom Holland), a character loosely based on the real-life Milligan, who had dissociative identity disorder and was the first person to be acquitted of a crime for the reason of insanity. In real life, Milligan was arrested and charged with the robbery, kidnapping, and rape of three women in 1977. But following a lengthy psychiatric evaluation, it was determined that Milligan had 24 alternate personalities, which would eventually deem him to be not guilty of his crimes.

The miniseries’s star-studded cast also includes Amanda Seyfried and Emmy Rossum. Plus, Holland serves as an executive producer, and he’s very happy with how the show turned out. “I am so proud of this project, I’m so proud of what everyone’s achieved. I think that we’ve found the perfect balance to a show that is nostalgic to the 1970s while also being incredibly unique and unlike any TV show that’s ever come before it,” he told Collider in an interview published on June 7.

Read on to learn more about the cast of “The Crowded Room.”

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