The Cracks Are Finally Starting to Show Between MAFS’ Booka and Brett and We Are Not OK

Brett and Booka
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Honestly? We really thought the Married at First Sight experts were on to something when they paired rock chick Booka Nile and psychology student Brett Helling together.

Their nuptials were something out of a fairy tale — where hipster boy in red velvet suit meets stunning musician beauty and they had so much in common.

But are they still together?

According to the So Dramatic! podcast, Nile and Helling don’t even make it to the final commitment ceremony (sob!).

Host Megan Pustetto has it on good authority that Helling made some sexist comments about his bride, causing their relationship to suffer.

Then, earlier this week, another telling clue pointed to the couple’s fate. A new song released by Nile and one of her rock bands, Internet Fans, may just be some concrete proof that the pair are no longer – down to a Helling look-a-like in the video clip.

Found by Pedestrian TV, the song is titled Beam Me Up Soft/F–kboi and calls out a so-called “f–boi” who hides behind a “softboi” attitude.

You can check out the full lyrics here and decide for yourself.

Throughout the season we’ve barely seen anything that resembles cracks in their relationship — in fact, we’ve barely seen anything to do with them. While Bryce Ruthven, Melissa Rawson, Jake Edwards and Beck Zemeneck have taken centre stage, both Nile and Helling have remained low-key.

So, it was a huge shock to the system when we watched Tuesday’s episode of the hit series and the once solid couple, began to crumble.

When tasked with writing things that are “sick” or “suck” about their relationship (Nile’s words, not the experts) Helling wished his bride would just “relax”.

In fact, Helling began to feel that she wasn’t interested in his feelings because “when we spend time together, it’s largely me listening to her and having to understand her”. Ouch.

Then as part of the task for the week, Patrick Dwyer and Belinda Vickers were tasked with writing the pair a letter, giving them the cold hard truth about their relationship from an outsider’s perspective…and frankly, if our friends ever did that to us, we would be reconsidering that friendship…

It turns out, Dwyer and Helling were having an unaired bromance, and Dwyer knew way more about the pair’s relationship than even Nile did.

The letter was so brutal that Nile asked her TV husband what on earth he could be saying behind her back to make him feel that way.

Needless to say, the pair aren’t as rock solid as we first thought and it’s not okay!

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