Are Married at First Sight’s Liam and Georgia Still Together? Allow Us to Gather the Evidence

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We know that Married at First Sight’s Patrick Dwyer and Belinda Vickers are 100% still together and that Johnny Balbuziente and Kerry Knight are still going strong (we think) but what about our other favourite couple, Liam Cooper and Georgia Fairweather? 

Well, my friends, it seems that there have been some very conflicting messages. A case for ‘yay’ and a case for ‘nay’.

On March 16, a wild rumour (substantiated by some telling photographic evidence) alluded to the fact there had been a couple swap between Balbuziente and Fairweather.

Back in December 2020 (after filming had wrapped), both stars shared photographs only days apart at Brisbane’s famed The Fantauzzo pool. Then, the following week, the pair each shared photographs (days apart) from the Comuna Cantina. Coincidence or red herring?

Cheeky coincidence? Instagram @georgiafairweather and @johnnybalbuziente
Instagram @georgiafairweather and @johnnybalbuziente

However, on March 29, 2021, both Fairweather and her actual groom were spotted sitting side-by-side at Brisbane’s Polpetta restaurant, sharing a few espresso martinis and some laughs with a friend.

To make matters even more complicated, on March 31, The Wash then reported that the couple had indeed split and had arrived at the MAFS reunion separately, with Cooper spending more time with groom Sam Carraro than his own TV wife. Huh?

But it was a revelation from the So Dramatic Podcast that has made Cooper and Fairweather’s status clear. According to Host Megan Pustetto, at the final vows, Cooper chooses to stay before hearing what his bride has to say.

“She was basically bagging him out saying that her friends wouldn’t like him, and he doesn’t know how to love. She pointed out all of these negative things… she was basically saying to Liam no one loves you and you don’t know how to love me, “a friend of Georgia’s told Pustetto. Apparently, Cooper was so “shocked”, he changed his mind. Oop.

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