Ariana Madix Carrying 5 Things in One Hand Shows the Beauty of “Girl Hands”


Ariana Madix’s “Dancing With the Stars” run has demonstrated her many talents, including her fancy footwork, show-stopping outfits, and underrated ability to carry countless items in one hand, otherwise known as “girl hands.” Since rehearsals for the series began in August, Madix has been photographed walking in and out of the studio on numerous occasions, each time holding multiple bags, drinks, and other loose articles.

During one recent outing in late September, she remarkably (and chaotically) carried a backpack, Starbucks drink, and plastic salad container, with her keys and water bottle curled into her fingers, all in one hand. The “Vanderpump Rules” star was even seen talking on her phone, placed between her ear and shoulder, with all of her things in tow. In another instance while strolling into the studio, she casually balanced a banana between her fingers, which also held her phone, water bottle, and a shoe bag on her wrist. The innate talent is enhanced by the fact that Madix was a bartender for years at Vanderpump establishments like Villa Blanca and SUR.

While “girl” trends like girl dinner and girl math have become the internet’s latest obsession, the concept of girl hands, or “girl physics” as coined by The Cut, has long been a meme among women. A stream of videos on TikTok illustrate the “girl power” and “womanhood” that comes with said powerful hands. There’s even an Instagram account, @girlscarryingshit, dedicated to the phenomenon. Since August 2021, the account has been sharing hilarious photos of people carrying a lot of stuff with ease, describing the sh*t they’re holding in each caption. It was inspired by who they refer to as “the OG girl carrying sh*t,” Dakota Johnson.

See more examples of Madix demonstrating her impressive girl hands ahead.

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