Why Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner Are Compatible, According to an Astrologer

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You have to be living off the grid to be unaware of the Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner love escándalo. Seriously, even my Latino parents were left baffled and invested when this unlikely couple made the noticias. However, for young Latines and fans of Bad Bunny, the general consensus online seems to be disappointment. For many, witnessing Bad Bunny position himself with a family that seems to disconnected from the understanding of their privilege has been a major letdown.

While neither has publicly confirmed the relationship, dating rumors have been making headlines since February. And in August, the duo were spotted making out at a Drake concert.

Many in the Latine community have been heartbroken to see an an artist who has, in many ways, felt like the gold standard of Latine representation in a relationship with someone from the Kardashian/Jenner family. Many feel that he has “sold out.”

One of the driving reasons Bad Bunny became the sweetheart of the Latine community was his adamant stance on not assimilating or converting to industry pressures. It was the opposite of something that’s commonly seen when Latine stars cross over into the mainstream. For example, witnessing Bad Bunny sing in non-English at the Grammys, an English-speaking award show, had to be a highlight of our Benito stan timeline. That’s because being a supporter of the Puerto Rican artist felt like an expression of owning one’s cultural roots with pride.

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So you can probably see why the Latine social media universe loses its mind with every viral video capturing Bad Bunny and Jenner’s interactions. It’s an experience similar to that very first moment when you witness your ex with their new partner. It has left many feeling baffled, triggered, and needing to process.

Benito’s fan base clearly wants to know: are Bad Bunny and Jenner genuinely vibing? So, we turned to astrology to translate the universal language of love in their charts.

What Makes Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny Cosmically Compatible?

Bad Bunny and Jenner are both water signs; he’s a Pisces and she’s a Scorpio. Water signs have strong romantic compatibility, and they can read each other’s body language and energy very well.

We should also recognize the mutual Aries and Scorpio placements in their charts. It’s a double dose of passion and lust. Their Aries placements, which are her moon and his Venus, are the driving force behind this intensity. Jenner has an Aries moon and Benito has an Aries Venus. Specifically, these two planets in their charts are both at the same degree. They’re sitting at an exact conjunction (both planets are right next to each other) in the sign of Aries.

Anytime a couple has a moon-Venus conjunction, it is a recipe for romance and brings a harmonious nature to the connection. They are definitely compatible because of this placement. They both feel very safe with each other. However, because it is Jenner’s moon sign hitting his Venus, she feels at ease and has surrendered to letting him lead the connection, something her Aries moon doesn’t do normally unless it feels secure. This is what makes this connection so special. She can be vulnerable with Bad Bunny because of this specific planetary connection.

They Are Each Other’s Saturn Return

Here’s the big reveal and probably one of the strongest planetary connections in their charts. Bad Bunny and Jenner are both individually having their Saturn return. A Saturn return is a transit when the planet Saturn returns back into your chart every 29 years. This is a period when you undergo karmic lessons. It’s not an easy period; it consists of two and a half years of undergoing a personal life review. These two are facing a lot of public scrutiny for their union – thanks to their Saturn return.

Because of their Saturn return connection, they are karmic soulmates. Meaning they are spiritual teachers to one another and are experiencing soul lessons through this relationship. Jenner’s Saturn is conjunct (tightly connected) to Bad Bunny’s natal Pisces sun position.

His Saturn sits in her 12th house of karma and spirituality. Based on this position, one can assume they are past-life soulmates. He is subconsciously influencing her spiritual approach to life and helping her expand beyond her comfort zone. There is a deep layer of moving beyond limiting beliefs that the two are undergoing together, complementary to their simultaneous Saturn return transits.

There is a lot of success they can achieve together thanks to this position. But at the same time, they will have tremendous adversity and challenges as it relates to making this connection last. The double Saturn position makes it a relationship that has to transcend past the court of public opinion if they really want to make it work. They are definitely teaching each other how to think with their heart and not with their head. Additionally, this astrological placement is giving them a boost in reward by amounting to more fame, thanks to Saturn.

This is one of those markings in a couple’s synastry chart that can make the connection a “right person, wrong time” type of scenario because of the Saturn intensity. This definitely means they have karma to fulfill due to Saturn. It was a destined meeting of the souls.

Do Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner Speak the Same Love Language?

Yes, thanks to their Scorpio connections. Jenner is a Scorpio sun sign, and Bad Bunny has tons of Scorpio placements in his chart, such as his Jupiter and North Node conjunct Pluto. This creates intensity and a magnetic pull for the two.

Also, Jenner’s Scorpio sun sign and her Scorpio Venus fall in his 12th house. They have mutual 12th house connections complementing this romance. This further adds to confirming they are past-life soulmates and feel a deep bond. Because the 12th house is the astrological home of hidden enemies, this means they will mutually have to defy all odds to make this work and will need to confront common enemies such as the media, public scrutiny, and more.

This provides them with the language of mutual bonding over supporting one another. They will become close because of this connection. This also speaks to their mutual fondness for being private. Although they’ll garner much attention, in love, they will want to keep this sacred and more to themselves. That’s because the 12th house seeks privacy and creates depth.

Could Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner Be Soulmates?

The analysis is: yes, they are karmic soulmates. Karma isn’t necessarily always negative. Karma is the exchange of energy and experiences used to transcend triggers. Together, these two share a deep telepathic bond. Their biggest adversity as a couple will be surviving this relationship in the course of their Saturn return and the challenges brought on by the Saturn return. If they can make it past 2025, they have the potential to become a huge successful celebrity couple for the history books.

Will Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner’s Relationship Last?

There’s potential, if they let go of the need to control the dynamic. This is a connection that will be built on the success of going with the flow and having no need to change the other partner.

Jenner likely finds Bad Bunny to be a potential life partner, thanks to her Mars and Jupiter in Sagittarius sitting in his first house. This makes him her ideal partner, which is a strong indication that the relationship has long-term relationship potential. She has likely fallen fast and hard for him. Add in their sexual compatibility, and it’s a relationship that will rock their world. There is intense sexual chemistry between the two. They both feel a mutual desire to be protective of one another as well because of their Mars sign aspects.

Expect these two to parade the PDA and increase formal sightings as a couple by the end of October 2023. Toward the end of this year, we can likely see them make their first official red carpet appearances together as a couple.

My take is this connection will end before their Saturn return is over, or at least end by the completion of it, which concludes 2025. This is one of those connections where they will have to go their separate ways and mature and explore their lives and careers before they are brought back together by destiny for a second chance. They have the potential to become engaged at least once, and even twice. I wouldn’t be surprised if they take a break and reunite again in 2026 for one last try.

Their strong moon-Venus connection makes this a connection that can eventually lead to marriage if the couple decide to go that route. Best of luck to these two water signs.

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