Why Rauw Alejandro and Rosalía Split, According to an Astrologer

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Rauw Alejandro and Rosalía were once a power couple among music royalty. In July, their reported breakup shocked many in the Latine community and left us questioning if it was genuine love or just a publicity stunt. The couple released an EP earlier this spring titled “RR,” proving how well they worked together as creative collaborators. But no one expected this couple to be a victim of Venus retrograde.

The couple called it quits just four months after they announced their engagement, both posting about their breakup on Instagram in late July. This was the exact month Venus began its six-week-long retrograde transit, rocking romance and relationships for the collective. In March of this year, they officially wrapped up their Saturn return when Saturn left Aquarius and headed into Pisces. This was the same month they announced their engagement, just a day after Pluto officially left Capricorn and moved into Aquarius.

As soon as they felt some relief from their Saturn return ending, though, Pluto’s transition into Aquarius created transformation. This is when secrets are revealed and power-struggle dynamics can occur, which ominously could’ve led to their breakup four months later. Dare say, it was a destined ending? According to their statements, the breakup wasn’t attributed to infidelity. The celebrity couple reassured their fanbases that a conflict in their busy schedules resulted in the devastating ending of this aspirational love story. Yet, astrology is hinting otherwise. Read on to see what their personal astrology is revealing about this couple’s demise.

What Attracted Rosalía and Rauw Alejandroto Each Other?

One thing that likely attracted these two to one another is that they share the same Mars sign. Sharing Mars signs in their natal charts at times creates the need to control or compete with your partner. They likely experienced moments of healthy competition but maybe were critical of each other due to this placement.

Mars is the planet of lust, sex, and war. It’s an intense fire-element planet that can create extremes of passion and frustration in a love connection. Mars’s energy is so intense, in fact, that it usually manifests in amazing sexual compatibility between a couple. However, when the energy is repressed, it can result in constant arguments between a pair because Mars rules aggression as well.

Both having their natal Mars in Cancer in their respective charts cools down the negativity that Mars can bring between two lovers. Their mutual Mars in the same sign of Cancer brought together this unlikely duo. They’re definitely opposites and don’t share much in common in their astrological charts. However, a mutual Mars placement in a couple’s astrology synastry chart makes for mutual respect no matter how different the personalities are. This placement alone likely helped them unite and created a lot of sexual drive and pleasant harmony between them, which allowed them to bond over the same goals.

Why Didn’t It Work Out Between Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro?

Rosalīa’s superstar astrology of sun conjunct Jupiter most likely played a role in the split. According to astrology, she’s a bigger star than he ever will be. It’s written in her chart, and he knew it from a distorted ego perspective. Based on her chart, her career is only getting started. Rosalía is going to be a megastar with longevity in her career, and on a subconscious level, this could have negatively influenced their romance.

Their Moon in Leo and eighth house synastry are also important. His moon in Leo lands in the eighth house of her chart. This created that initial mutual attraction. Yet Leo is the zodiac sign of the superstar, the entertainer, and emphasizes the spotlight. Having this in her eighth house creates animosity between the two if he isn’t consciously working through toxic masculinity. The moon here creates a magnetic attraction in the eighth house of secrets, sex, and control. This can also lead to infidelity, along with a possible manifestation of him feeling emasculated by her success.

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Rosalía’s sun and moon are also in his 12th house, which would make one theoretically assume there was betrayal, infidelity, or deception on his end due to her sun, moon, Jupiter, and Mercury falling in his 12th house. The 12th house isn’t an easy house when it comes to the couple’s compatibility. It means there will be lots of challenges and a supreme need to put your ego away. It’s also the house of karma and spirituality. This tells us that this couple had to meet in order to spiritually grow and fulfill a soul contract.

Are Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro Soulmates?

Yes, but it’s complicated. Based on their harsh connections of the eighth and 12th houses, I would say they are karmic soulmates. Alejandro’s Capricorn sun is so closely sitting next to (conjunct) Rosalía’s Capricorn Neptune, and that makes me concerned when doing a couple’s love reading. This means that Rosalía romanticized this connection more than Alejandro did. She might have ignored red flags from the beginning because Neptune represents illusions and deception. She likely was very optimistic about making it work. With this position, Alejandro probably was good at smoothing things over with his charm, which she could have potentially viewed with rose-colored glasses. Therefore, this is a toxic karmic soulmate connection, and I would advise both of them to go their separate ways.

The singers announced their split in the midst of a Venus retrograde in Leo, and this hints that it is unlikely these two will get back together. Venus is the planet of love and romance, making this a pretty divinely aligned time to have announced their separation, considering Venus in Leo rules love in arts, entertainment, and creative pursuits. When Venus turns retrograde, it’s a time of conflict and endings in love matters (depending on those who have strong Leo placements).

In this case, both Alejandro and Rosalía have their Chiron (the asteroid of wounds) in Leo, and Alejandro has a Leo moon. All three of these placements in their charts were feeling the pressure of Venus retrograde transiting their personal planets. From an astrological perspective, this is a fated ending brought on by the cosmos. It wouldn’t be in their best interest to reunite. Their mutual Chiron position further suggests that there’s a lot of hurt between both parties. Chiron represents our sorrows and unhealed aspects. Due to this, you could presume they both feel deeply wounded by the failed romance, but it will help bring them personal healing in the long run.

How Soon Will Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro Move on From Their Breakup?

Based on Rosalía’s Mars in her natal seventh house of relationships, it seems like she is able to pivot quickly to and from love connections. She definitely will mourn the loss, but she won’t have a hard time using this experience to create art or create financial abundance. The transiting Mars in Libra is going to positively hit her personal Libra sun and Libra placements. This is going to grant her energy, momentum, and inspiration to progress and heal. She could release new music inspired by this unrequited love.

As for who between the two will publicly announce a new lover or relationship? My astrological bet is on Alejandro moving into a new love connection first. He could announce a new lover by the end of this year, once Venus retrograde in Leo turns direct by Sept. 3 and allows his moon sign to relax. On the contrary, Rosalía could be very focused on her own career and building her legacy well into 2024. There are many awards and big opportunities coming her way now and through 2025. In love, Rosalía could encounter a new amor by October of 2024, if that’s her focus.

What We Should All Learn From Rauw Alejandro and Rosalía’s Love Story

For starters, Alejandro and Rosalía were each other’s Saturn Return. They both have Saturn in Aquarius and just wrapped up their Saturn Return in March of 2023. When folks fall in love during their Saturn Return period, it usually doesn’t last. Saturn is the planet of karma and lessons. A Saturn return occurs every 29 years of your life. This is a period when you undergo a life’s review and must face the karmic retribution of wrongdoings. This is a period when you can come across many karmic soulmates, platonic or romantic.

In the case of alejandro and Rosalía, it was two star-crossed lovers learning how to understand the significance of vulnerability, honesty, and safety in a love connection. Embracing their shadow aspects allowed for them to become more honest with themselves, and eventually, this will translate in future love relationships. As an astrologer, I would lean toward advising not to marry your Saturn-return lover. Of course, looking at the entirety of charts and transits is needed. But usually, these relationships are meant to teach us something because Saturn is the master teacher of the cosmos.

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