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Aussie Celebrities in Greenpeace Climate Change Campaign

Aussie Celebrities Unite to Call on Scott Morrison to Act on Climate Change

Dear Scotty

JUST RELEASED: This is an intervention for Scott Morrison, Prime Minister of Australia. 🔉 SOUND ON Mate. I'm sorry to do this to you. But it's time to pull you up on your behaviour. Right now Australian communities are being devastated by unprecedented fires, extreme droughts, and flash flooding. It's no longer OK to do the bare minimum and to keep shifting the blame when it comes to climate change. You wouldn't want that from your family. And you wouldn't expect that from us. Together, we must reduce the risk of future disasters by acting swiftly and decisively to move away from fossil fuels and reduce emissions that make bushfires worse. SHARE this video now and add your voice at #DearScotty

Posted by Greenpeace Australia Pacific on Sunday, February 23, 2020

Greenpeace Australia Pacific released a video this morning where celebrities such as actor Simon Baker and musician Julia Stone, along with people from bushfire-ravaged communities, pressure Prime Minister Scott Morrison to act on climate change.

Actors Geraldine Viswanthan and Angourie Rice, musicians Briony and Savannah Osei (Kinder) and Billy Otto, photographers Michael Van Ewjik and Jarrad Seng, radio host Ryan Fitzgerald, surfers Aaron More and Russel Bierke, and AFL player Dyson Heppell also feature.

"Dear Scotty," the video begins. "Mate, sorry to do this to you, but it's time to pull you up on your behaviour . . ."

Participants explain that Australian communities are being affected by unprecedented fires, extreme droughts and flash flooding, "all made worse by climate change".

The video includes a demand for Australia to switch to renewable energy to mitigate future disaster, as "Burning coal and other fossil fuels causes climate change."

Morrison is also urged to consider the impact climate change will have on future generations, including his two daughters. "What sort of world do you want your daughters growing up in?," the video asks.

"This is less about blame, division and fear, and more about change, unity and leadership," the video explains. "Dear Scotty, how will history remember you? Someone who burnt with the world or helped to save it."

It's part of the activist organisation's #DearScotty campaign, which encourages people to share pro-climate action messages with the Prime Minister. Its wider goals are for Australia to become a global leader in the fight against climate change, a rapid reduction in carbon emissions, and divestment of fossil fuels in favour of clean, renewable energy.

"We must seize this moment and call on Scott Morrison to be a better leader," the campaign urges. "This means a leader who is prepared to put people before politics and transform Australian society to give our children the future they deserve."

Speaking to, Greenpeace Australia Pacific senior campaigner Nathaniel Pelle said that "we need Scott Morrison to act for their future and the future of all Australians".

"People have lost their lives, families have lost their homes, and koalas have burnt alive all over Australia. In our cities, our kids have at times been forced to breathe the most polluted air in the world."

More than ten million hectares of land in the east and south of Australia has burnt in the current bushfire crisis, killing at least 33 people and razing over 2500 homes.

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