“Country Is Cool Now” — Why Denvah Has What It Takes to Win “Australian Idol”

Australian Idol’s Denvah in 2024
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Over the course of 2024, “Australian Idol” has been filled to the brim with some great performances. But none more so than Denvah Baker-Moller’s audition. Her raw and vibrant rendition of Kasey Chambers’ “Pony” flabbergasted the judges. It would even impress the most ardent of country music haters. 

Since then, Denvah has gone from strength to strength. Her vulnerable version of Coldplay’s “Yellow” brought the house down. She belted Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect” and soon enough, landed in the Top 10. There’s a reason that she’s now a contestant in the ““Australian Idol” finale. 

But who is the artist behind this music? What inspires her to sing? Here is everything we know about the “Australian Idol” singer Denvah. 

Meet Denvah Baker-Moller: The Next “Australian Idol”?

Queensland’s Denvah Baker-Moller always wanted to be an artist. However, she didn’t always want to be a musician. In fact, during a 2024 interview, she stated that she wanted to be a ballerina. 

“My childhood wasn’t normal,” Denvah said. “I danced seven days a week, that’s all I did. I’d wake up, go to school, dance, and then do it all over again.”

However, everything changed when Denvah found country music. Since learning the guitar, she’s been motivated to make others a fan of the genre. She’s even on “Australian Idol” to inspire Aussies to give country music a try.

“I know that not everyone out there likes country music, so to let the country singer in is such an honour and one that I don’t take for granted,” Denvah said. “Country is cool now, and I want to prove that.”

But does Denvah have what it takes to win “Australian Idol” 2024? Well, she’s certainly trying to make this ambitious dream real.

“Not everyone is going to vote for me,” Denvah said. “And that’s totally fine. But I love country music and am passionate about it. I think it would be cool for Australia to have a country artist pop up.”

How to Vote for Denvah Baker-Moller in the “Australian Idol” Finale

To vote for Denvah Baker-Moller in the “Australian Idol” finale, text the word “Denvah” to 0457 500 700. Voting opens on March 24 at 7.00pm.

The 2024 “Australian Idol” finale will air on Channel 7 and 7 Plus. It will premiere on Monday, March 25 at 7.00pm. Miss this episode? Catch up with 7 Plus.

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