Australian Survivor’s Josh Millgate on His “Frustrating” Edit: “I Just Looked Angry All the Time”

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When Josh Millgate was eliminated from Australian Survivor: Blood Vs Water at the second last Tribal Council of the season, what viewers saw and what actually happened were two very different things.

Speaking to POPSUGAR Australia after the finale, Josh said: “they cut it out but after they voted me out, I shook everyone’s hands, gave them all a hug, said ‘great game, no hard feelings’”.

“Combine that with the Final Tribal Council where I just look angry as,” he said, “It’s like, yeah, I just got the salty edit on that one!”

Assuring us that there are “definitely no hard feelings or anything like that”, Josh said that he takes “full accountability” for his last play in the game, which saw him try to vote out Chrissy Zaremba over future winner Mark Wales.

“I let myself down on that one,” he said, noting that his “one regret” is that he “should’ve scrambled harder” to leverage his relationships with the girls and work to vote out Mark.

“I sort of got that plan in my mind and just ran with it, to finally flip onto Chrissy,” he said. “Looking back, I should’ve sat down with her and just really pushed like, ‘Mark was the biggest threat, he’s got the two idols, don’t take him, he’s gonna win’, because in the end, they thought they had a better chance against him than they did me, and it ended up being 10-nil anyway, so yeah… that’s the only regret.

“I just got outplayed,” he added. “Mark outplayed me at the very end there and good on him.”

Josh said that the series has been “weird” to watch back, calling the experience “a full emotional rollercoaster”.

“You sit there excited to watch and then you’re like ‘what’s going on?! That didn’t happen like that, that didn’t happen like that!’, but you know, it is what it is,” he explained, adding that he’s grateful that he “still ended up getting a decent run in the end and getting recognised that I did have a good game, from peers and from people”.

“It means a lot, it helps the loss go down a bit smoother knowing that you were a good player and a bit of a threat,” he said.

Over the course of the season, Josh said that he was surprised to find himself copping “a bit of an angry man edit”, which he thought was “quite funny”.

“I had suspected I’ve got a bit of a resting bitch face, but I always just look angry!” he exclaimed, laughing. “I sort of said it in my entry interview, but when I actually saw it on TV I was like, ‘man, I need to like, smile more’.”

In reality, Josh said, he’s “actually happy as, on the inside, all the time!”

“I thought I was just relaxed but apparently not!” he exclaimed. “I’ll try to work on just smiling more.”

Aside from copping a very serious edit, Josh felt that a lot of his social and strategic gameplay was missing from the season.

“I think people started to piece it together in the end, but I had really, really good social connections with everyone out there,” he said. “Everyone was feeding me information, so maybe my social game got underplayed a little bit.”

With all said and done, though, Josh said that he would still return to the game for another season, if he was asked back.

“It would be interesting, to see if I did have enough social game to get through those first couple of votes and keep the threat level down,” he said. “So yeah, I’d definitely go and have another crack, I need a bit of a break though, that’s for sure! Let’s see how dad life treats me and go from there.”

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