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It’s been over a year since Australian Survivor last graced our screens, in a stellar All Stars season that saw The Golden God, aka David Genat, take out the win. After an extended break caused by the pandemic, Australian Survivor will return this Sunday, and we truly cannot wait.

The new season has a new theme, Brains Vs. Brawn, and was filmed in our own backyard of Cloncurry, Australia, after COVID restrictions meant that they could no longer film in Fiji.

With 24 new castaways duking it out for the title of Sole Survivor, and the whopping $500,000 prize money, we can’t wait to see which of our new survivors manages to outwit, outlast and outplay them all. So let’s get to know them.

Brains Tribe

Andrew, 33, Survival Expert, Northern Territory

Andrew is a regular Steve Irwin type (RIP). An Australian Wildlife and Survival Expert, Andrew has come face-to-face with some of the most dangerous animals in the world. Not only will this make him handy around camp, but we’re sure being able to face danger like this will be useful once he gets to Tribal Council!

Baden, 42, Ex-Pro Cyclist, Victoria

A champion cyclist turned businessman, Baden has Brains and Brawn. Not only has the Olympian won more than 50 races, but he’s also a high-level poker player who knows how to get others to do the dirty work for him–a skill that’s sure to work in his favour when it comes to alliances.

Cara, 47, Real Estate Agent, NSW

One thing we’ve never seen on Survivor before: an empath. Cara has the ability to sense and feel other people’s emotions as though they were her own, which should be interesting when it comes to the strategy, double-crossing and blindsides that come with Survivor.

George, 31, Public Servant, NSW

One of the first players to be revealed this season, George is the “faceless member of the Labor Party”. Describing himself as a “spin-doctor for the government”, the Labor Party President is a master manipulator who’ll stop at nothing to get to the end.

Georgia, 35, Forensic Psychologist, Queensland

If there’s one thing Forensic Psychologist Georgia knows, it’s how to get into people’s minds. Having spent years probing around the minds of some of Australia’s worst criminals, Georgia is ready to play one of the most strategic games the show has ever seen.

Hayley, 31, Pain Researcher, NSW

As a pain researcher, Hayley administers placebo psychological therapies to patients in order to test the brain’s response to treatment, but in her spare time, Hayley is a Survivor superfan who knows the game inside and out. As a bonus, she’s also a physio, which should come in handy (no pun intended) after the gruelling physical challenges.

Joey, 35, Head Of Partnerships, NSW

In Joey’s career, he’s done it all, from being a tradie to becoming a Wolf of Wall Street tycoon, and he’s planning to win allies and influence people with positivity and charm. Physically, he also knows a thing or two about endurance, having completed 140 marathons.

Laura, 36, Environmental Advocate, NSW

Environmental advocate and conservationist Laura is used to working toward change and influencing people, skills that will surely be useful in the time leading up to tribal council.

Mitch, 33, Doctor, Queensland

As a GP, Mitch works to connect and earn the trust of his patients, which he’s hoping will work with his tribemates, too. But Doctor Mitch’s biggest flex is that his IQ is in the top one percent of the world, which will hopefully translate into the game in both strategy and the more cerebral elements of challenges, like the puzzles.

Phil, 28, Artist, Victoria

Phil, or as he’s known to the internet, @chilliphilly, plans to use his social game to get him to the finals. A viral sensation, Phil poses in culinary-themed crocheted hats, and his offbeat persona has charmed fans all over the world.

Rachel, 50, Teacher and Businesswoman, Queensland

Having transformed the Queensland education system and been named the 2020 Queensland Australian of the Year, Rachel is a determined and passionate person who won’t let anyone push her around.

Wai, 38, Author, NSW

With degrees from some of the most prestigious universities around the world, Wai is planning on putting those smarts to good use in the game of Survivor.

Brawn Tribe:

Benny, 38, Entrepreneur, NSW

Benny’s a hustler through and through. He’s run call centres, done door-to-door sales, and worked his way up to selling four million dollar properties. With skills like this, we’re thinking he’ll be one to watch in the Brawn tribe.

Chelsea, 22, MMA Fighter, Queensland

Chelsea prides herself on having a tactical mind and strong social skills, but it’s her physical game that’s going to make her a threat in Survivor. A professional MMA fighter, Chelsea is a two-time Muay Thai world champion, so you don’t wanna mess with her!

Daini, 26, Personal Trainer, NSW

If you’re looking for the muscle of the season, look no further than six foot three personal trainer Daini. With Fijian and Maori heritage, Daini credits the women in his family for raising him with a macho-free attitude, which will surely win over tribe mates and viewers.

Dani, 34, Corrections Officer, NSW

An ex-army truck driver and current Corrections Officer, Dani isn’t fazed by high-pressure situations. She’s planning on using the skills she’s developed by being around criminals every day in order to read and assess the dynamics around the tribe.

Emmett, 31, Health Coach, Western Australia

Calling himself the ‘plant-based Superman’, Emmett loves to push himself to his physical limits. He’s done Ironman competitions, ultra-endurance runs and loves a CrossFit workout, so he’s sure to thrive in the physical challenges.

Flick, 28, Professional Big Wave Surfer, Western Australia

Flick is a woman who knows no fear. Currently ranked second in the world for Big Wave Surfing, and holding the record for the biggest wave ever surfed by an Aussie woman, Flick’s used to putting it all on the line for the dangerous sport she loves so much.

Gavin, 48, AFL Legend, South Australia

If you’re an AFL fan, the name Gavin Wanganeen will be well and truly familiar to you. Gavin played 300 games, was the first Indigenous Aussie to win a Brownlow medal, and is in the AFL Hall of Fame, so we’re sure he’ll be a fierce physical threat to the Brains Tribe.

Gerald, 26, Champion Wood Chopper, Queensland

A fifth-generation farmer, Gerald will probably have less trouble dealing with the harsh outback conditions our castaways will face this season. As a
World Champion Wood Chopper and master axe grinder, we’re expecting to see his strength and competitive nature come out in challenges.

Janelle, 43, Cleaner, Queensland

A hardworking mother of three, Janelle is ready to get down and dirty, and do whatever it takes to win the game and set her kids up for life.

Kez, 25, Bodybuilder, Western Australia

A personal trainer and professional bodybuilder, Kez is expecting her intense physical training to have been good prep for the challenges–and the hunger!–that comes with Survivor.

Shannon, 30, Model, NSW

A fitspo model on the ‘gram, Shannon is also a trained dancer and boxing instructor. With her level of fitness, we’re expecting agility and strength in challenges from Shannon!

Simon 31, Carpenter, Queensland

A former bodybuilder who still trains hard, Simon recently left his desk job to pursue carpentry. Simon, who is a self-proclaimed golden child, is expecting to do as well in Survivor as he has at everything else life has thrown his way.

Australian Survivor: Brains Vs. Brawn premieres Sunday, 18 July at 7.30pm on 10 and 10 Play.

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