Australian Survivor: Will Kate Blindside Her Sister Sophie to Save Herself?

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Another day, another wild episode of Australian Survivor: Blood Vs. Water.

On tonight’s hectic Tribal Council, we saw Sophie Cachia blindsided, only to find out moments later that, PLOT TWIST, she hadn’t actually been eliminated.

Instead, Sophie was swapped to the Blue tribe and reunited with her big sis, Kate “KJ” Austin.

If the promo for tomorrow night‘s episode is anything to go by, though, we may be in for some sibling rivalry, and perhaps the first personal blindside of the season.

The promo shows Sophie out for the blood of the Blood tribe, and Kate feeling the pressure of Sophie’s presence.

“She’s not actually realising that it’s affecting me,” we see Kate tell Chrissy Zaremba.

“I just don’t want a target on my back, and when she gets on the warpath, you don’t wanna be in her way.”

So, is it possible that we’ll see Kate plot to blindside her own sister? Let’s investigate.

An ex-flight attendant who’s now a stay-at-home mum, KJ, 37, is Sophie’s big sister and a Survivor superfan. But while Sophie has befriended all the alpha males on the Red tribe, and made some “rookie mistakes”, according to Sandra Diaz-Twine, the Queen of Survivor herself, don’t expect to see KJ playing a similar game.

“I think we’ll play our own game as we’re two very different people,” Kate’s 10 Play profile says. “I’ll try to play the game in line with my values and who I am here on the outside.”

In her promo, KJ elaborated.

“Our similarities will be our social skills, we’re both very outgoing people, we love a chat,” she said. “In terms of our differences, she’s quite bold and confident and out there, whereas I’m more understated and subdued.”

Posting a photo of the duo on Instagram, Kate said: “A sister is a little piece of childhood that can never be lost and here we are bringing out the big kids in us to play the greatest game on earth. Will I pull rank and show the lil’ sis who is boss or will she outwit, outplay and outlast? Time will tell 🤓”

According to her profile, KJ will be able to make herself useful around camp because she “absolutely [loves] fishing” and is “great at it”.

“My Dad taught me to fish down in Tasmania when I was a little girl and I have never been afraid to get my hands dirty,” she says.

Kate’s been focused on making herself useful around camp, but will the appearance of Sophie on the Water tribe force her to make some tough decisions?

“As a mother, you’d do anything for your kids, and that does include blindsiding your sister,” she says in her promo. “If she’s standing in my way at the end and she’s the only thing in my way, I’m gonna have to take her out.

“I’m more likely to win the title of Sole Survivor because I don’t think I’ll ruffle too many feathers along the way, keeping a target off my back,” she explained.

Australian Survivor airs at 7.30pm, Sundays and Mondays, only on 10 and 10 Play on Demand.

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